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  1. You and I have gotten along fine and I don't know why this is happening.

  2. Baker got outplayed by XFL PJ Walker yet they still want to hype a mediocre QB who held back Browns and couldn’t do shit with CMC in a poor NFC South.

  3. That's XFL MVP PJ Walker. Put some respect on the name.

  4. Yes, I understand that. Browns actually one of them. My point being, how does it make sense to remove someone from a really successful team for a QB that more than likely isn’t an upgrade from what you have.

  5. Makes sense. They could claim him just to kick the tires. Not a big deal losing Josh Johnson seeing as he was on a practice squad.

  6. This is one of the many reasons why most people here will tell you to take it at a testing center. Issues like this are easily rectified in person.

  7. Yeah, they used a lot of placeholder icons at the start, here is the full album

  8. The placeholder LVL? Death icon is seriously how it felt trying to use it.

  9. Where? There’s a major hospital system in every county out here. Bucks has Abington, Montco has Abington, Main Line, and Penn, DelVal has Crozer, and the city has at least Penn, Temple, Chop, and Jeff. Where the hell could you not find a rabies shot? I ask so I can avoid if at all costs. Ever.

  10. I find it really hard to believe Jefferson or Penn, two top hospitals in the country, don't have the rabies vaccine on site. Much less the network to get it delivered in short time.

  11. This why I don’t like white people, they want to be police so bad but probably couldn’t pass the 6th grade education portion of enrollment enlistment or whatever it’s called

  12. Might want to tone down the racism bud.

  13. Now here go some lil chalk babies feeling like victims over the net 😮‍💨 take ya bitch ass to bed hopefully you wake up out ya feelings

  14. The only change I'd want is removing glyph refreshes after tower deaths. Games take way too long.

  15. I don't see the part where I punish my mid with this trick. It's just a free bottle for me that magically appears in my inventory.

  16. It's like people never learned Chi Long Qua's strategy on farming a fast bottle.

  17. If you're playing a hero that benefits from carrying vlads against a heavy physical lineup it's very good. It's just not a blind buy every game anymore.

  18. Most heros that want to buy Vlads also want to buy HotO instead of WP. They were only buying recently WP instead (or in addition to even) because it was so good. So WP is probably still a dead item now.

  19. Sure, but not all vlad carriers are zoo heroes that benefit from helm of the overlord. It's situational, which is better than seeing it every game as a first item. I'm just saying it's not trash tier like crimson.

  20. Just remove Useless Battle Trance already need rework

  21. The old Battle Trance was legit, but I guess too vanilla for Icefrog. I'd gladly trade the unkillable duration and movespeed for control.

  22. Ever since the glyph change turbo games take a lot longer on average in my experience.

  23. QB's and WR's wear those flak jackets for a reason. Hard hits to the gut area suuuuuuck.

  24. Doesn't the flak jacket really only cover the rib area? It's based on the Navy SEAL swimmer vest from way back IIRC.

  25. I swear people throw all knowledge about DotA out of the window in this mode. Nobody buys wards, go in 2 vs 5, get flamed for farming (because obviously being 5 level ahead is not a good thing in their minds)

  26. I mean, just being in the fight can help even if you aren't dealing crazy dps. It can make the other team more hesitant to jump, being an extra target for the other team to engage on, making positioning more difficult, and the extra damage can be the difference between winning the fight and losing.

  27. From the explanation it sounds like a rent-to-own in a sweetheart deal without fees. It really comes down to the contract, but likely wouldn't owe much if anything to the buyer if they break the contract.

  28. I've seen people play it on the steam controller. Don't know of any streamers, but you'll find videos on YouTube.

  29. speaking if bsj i always associate slark with him lol

  30. A 3 hour slark guide will do that.

  31. I don't know who or what this person is, but I'm still going to point and laugh.

  32. I've been using this for a while

  33. Hunter x Hunter. Found it to be an incredibly average shonen series. The Phantom Trope arc was good, but aside from that it was pretty boring. Everything was way too slow paced and feeding the viewer information by narration and flashbacks instead of showing is a poor way to tell a story.

  34. I see where you are coming from if you view it as a shonen anime, but I’ve always been really invested in the characters. The backstory of each character is really interesting to me and there is a lot of interesting worldbuilding.

  35. I get that, but that doesn't really explain why I've run into so many people that call it the GOAT.

  36. They should require the house to be empty at closing. Otherwise they’re looking at thousands of dollars and a multi-year process.

  37. The last property I purchased had a non-paying tenant. It was built into the price and the previous owner started the eviction process, paid the lawyer and court fees. Ended up being a great deal, even with the court delays due to covid.

  38. Typical eviction in NYS can go from 6months to 6 years. 3-4 years is pretty average. There is a LOT tenants can do to make eviction a pain for everyone involved.

  39. That's crazy stupid. Makes sense why there's hardly any private landlords in NY or CA these days.

  40. Funny story, they put ? After each kill. My keyboard's question mark key is broken so I had to write question mark at the end 😂

  41. Yeah I figured. It's an old PPD meme.

  42. Ability doubler only works if I don't scrub my shirt for chunks. Ninja Squid works all the time. Makes perfect sense to me.

  43. Add on it only costing 2k instead of 20k to scrub the shirt. Seems kinda silly keeping it as ability doubler when I'm gonna keep the slots constantly empty.

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