1. Do you mean meters? 1.81 cm is less than an inch. 1.81 meters is a good height.

  2. Ok. Just trying to help. I am 5.105 millimeters, by the way.

  3. Jordan never gave a fuck on creating Palestinian state, and they also ethnic cleansed the west bank's entire Jewish population.

  4. איזה כיף שלוקחים ממני השראה מהאם אני מוצץ לעצמי האם אני הוא המוצץ או שמא הנמצץ

  5. It's not about denial of the nakba, (not like they deny it, most people know that it happened,) it's about how the director made up a story about his family or something, and made Israelis as nazis and their only passion in life is to kill children, why don't you look at your own irony: doesn't it make sense that we would like to ban a movie that make us look like demons? Our reputation is already bad because of social media

  6. or maybe your reputation is bad because of real events ? events that include killing journalists, activists , children ? just maybe

  7. No, don't come at me with these talks about "caring for the Palestinians", it's hate and racism. But you wouldn't say the same thing to a Chinese guy. Yeah, right.

  8. Wow, I'm a dumdum lol I just spent a good minute trying to understand the question. Uhh I'm from the baltics. Ig it doesn't rlly matter which one specifically since they all have a relatively similar past and r pretty alike.

  9. polls doesn't count, who else but zionists are annoyed of such posts?

  10. עברית היא שפה יותר עתיקה מרוב השפות בעולם ובטח שעברית יותר עתיקה מערבית

  11. כן, אבל עברית של היום היא לא אותו דבר כמו שהיא הייתה לפני 2000 שנה, לעומת פעם עברית של היום ממש מושפעת מערבית

  12. איפה נמצאת מילי? את יכולה לדחוף את הכוח שבלונה שלך את יודעת לאיפה

  13. Well, when you try to stabb a soldier and try to take his weapon, don't expect him to go easy on you.

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