The state my ex left my house in after I went away for a week

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  1. The victim lived and the driver is in jail. That's a good start.

  2. The thing is, if you want to rob an 89 year old you don't need to use the amount of force. They clearly get off on doing someone damage and I wouldn't be surprised if she died after that

  3. It’s about relieving stress and creating time to do other productive things… a lot of these people work 9-5 some even longer hours. I wanna help those people

  4. For a family of 5 that would be about $75 per meal. That’s almost going out to eat price.

  5. Mine would be 50 for the week for 1 person…3 meals a day. I can legal give away venison so I’d just up the price on everything that isn’t wild/pasture feed

  6. Her glasses dropped off her body like loot😂

  7. FC37 says:

    The third place Democrat will beat the Republican winner in the governor's race.

  8. This post is close to doxxing. The guys face and their license plate are visible. You are welcome to repost without those showing.

  9. Keep them away from dumb ass high school kids. Lot of people getting mobbed for dumb things. Lot of fake gangsters here in the islands

  10. Well I was with her for 6 years so... Less dodged and more slowly extracted

  11. Imagine coming home after a 9-5 then having to clean this because this bitch had a tummy ache or some bull

  12. The comments are correct. I moved to Hawaii 30 plus years ago and my kids were born here. They are not Hawaiian. They are “ from Hawaii”

  13. Well you could consider them indigenous since you know…it happened naturally 😅

  14. How I look at the corpse of the DJ after he got shot because I started talking with him:

  15. Would take this kid to the Cain fields buss his ribs and drop his ass off to his dad later

  16. Hope you had an amazing weekend baby girl ❤️😘

  17. Big girls always smelt better. Idk why maybe it’s cause they didn’t get action still though always smelt good and was warm as fuck

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