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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Yes I'm Canadian but I've never heard of that business. Where are they? I'm in Newfoundland so the chances of me bearing near one is low. But in case I travel I'd like to check it out.

  2. I'm in BC so about as far away as possible, they seem to be all over western Canada, the closest to you would be in Ontario by the looks of it, might creep further east as I only recall them showing up in the last 4-5 years.

  3. Live in BC too and never seen a dessert poutine but lots of breakfast poutines. Those are pretty good too.

  4. I've only seen it at the place I mentioned and that was years back, menu might have changed, but I'm sure other places do their own version, too big a thing here in Canada to not have independent restaurants doing such things.

  5. On a newer car? it probably wouldve been catastrophic damage. on her old 96 sonoma it was nothing. I swear that truck could've survived a nuke. it got tboned at 60mph and still ran, just pinched a brakeline shut, which is a pretty cheap repair considering. i mean the bed never quite sat square afterwards, but who cares if it was pretty, the damn thing ran! I had the driveshaft drop out on the highway and despite ths laws if physics saying it shouldnt be possible, it drove the last 2 miles home. Only died when she lent it to a friend and they left it sitting for almost 2 years. bunch of the mechanical parts seized up from exposure.

  6. Old vehicles could be pretty indestructible, today's stuff has too much wiring and plastic.

  7. yeah. had a buddy hit a deer in his 2020 civic. totalled it according to insurance. we were pulling pieces off where it hit, and the front end was like 90% plastic, 8% empty space, and 2% lightweight aluminum.

  8. There are reasons for how easily destroyed cars are, crumple zones and all that, but it sucks when you can get in a mild fender bender and cause thousands in damage.

  9. With caster numbers like that you'd think he ripped the front axle out

  10. Are they all running drag slicks or something? I've lived my entire life in the northern BC Rockies and have never seen vehicles have this much issue with traction and it's not uncommon to have 2-3 feet of snow in one snowfall.

  11. This often happens in Montreal, where a lot of streets are on a steep angle. In this case, it's definitely after a case of freezing rain. I've had this happen to me a couple of times there, in an AWD with winter tires. It's almost inevitable.

  12. That's bizarre because where I am is a bowl, every direction is a hill and we also get a lot of freezing rain, especially since winters got warmer, makes me wonder if it has something to do with how the cities deal with it.

  13. I actually got paid overtime for a fuck up when I was driving chip truck, took a wrong turn on site and got the truck a little bit stuck trying to turn it around, called dispatch and they got someone from the mill to move a barrier so I could swing the truck around and get back on track. I didn't expect to get in shit as it really cost the company nothing as we were paid by the load, but they were very much happy I didn't try to get out and tear open a trailer, got paid for the extra time and even a 10 dollar gift card for coffee.

  14. I have so many nicknames for my tiny dog that he has no idea what his name is

  15. My uncle used to have a shit zhu that responded to shithead, his name was Barney but he got jokingly called shithead so often it was his second name, he'd respond to both.

  16. Not only pointlessly gendered and stupid, but that bald spare is also rather bothersome...

  17. People need to experience more than people like them I swear.

  18. 110% this person does not put the shopping cart back when done.

  19. I have a lot of reasons this moron would likely consider me a "soyboy" but I bet I have more tools than he does, does that cancel it out?

  20. "Real men do it for the pride of the job"

  21. Nah, I do that shit to get paid, plenty of my own stuff to work on if I want to do it for nothing.

  22. Definitely not better than AWD lol, though I agree it does give people a false sense of confidence while driving in slippery conditions.

  23. Good traction with a 2wd vehicle will do the same, once people are moving they don't realize turning or stopping can very easily be more difficult than starting depending on the section of road.

  24. I don't know about evil but I do find them a lot more expensive than the others a lot of the time, not that any tool truck is cheap, but seeing a former apprentice pay 900 for a 1/2 air impact when my Matco was 500 made me puke in my mouth, even my monstrous electric Matco was still only 750.

  25. Of all the shops I have been to in the 16 years I have been in the industry, snap on is the only brand that has a dealer consistently be there.

  26. Here's it the Matco truck, we're apparently not part of Snap Ons route despite not being a large enough city to have two trucks from the same brand, we also have Mac so we already have three trucks, we can go months without seeing Snap On or Mac, Matco is every Thursday

  27. A Redditor sent them a tweet, but I guess the more, the better, so feel free to let them know as well

  28. You make a very good point! Organizations don't really like to be lumped in with stuff that will bring controversy around them.

  29. I mean, so much maintenance work is commodified to hell and back at almost every shop nowadays. If you’re not at a dealer you probably won’t get more than 1 hour for a front brake job unless you need to remove a hub and then maybe you’ll get another 0.2 per side. Firestone pays the techs under an hour for 4 tires unless they roadforce balance them.

  30. We're an hour for 4, 1.2 for trucks, 1.6 dually, 2.2 I think for run flat or fancy wheels, but we're not flat rate we're hourly, it takes 3 hours you still get paid, flat rate is a complete bullshit setup.

  31. Shops have been struggling to find good techs for 20 years now, it’s just getting worse. The dumbasses get brake jobs and alignments all day long and I’m stuck diagnosing a Volt that has been struck by lightning and getting 1 hour diagnosis for my troubles. I’m at a state agency now for less pay, but my body isn’t falling apart, I get weekends off and never work over 40, and if I do it’s OT. No grind, minimal frustration, and if something looks like it’ll take a while it goes straight to the dealer.

  32. I'm personally looking for a way out, I have project cars to keep any urges to work on something sated and doing it as a job for what's involved and the pay just leads to burnout, leaving the projects sitting. Glad to hear you're in a place that sounds to be working out well.

  33. I've actually had kids refuse to take extra, I did candy bags and chips a few years ago and I recall one kid refused the chips.

  34. Iv been workin as a paramedic in a small town with the same dozen coworkers since well before pandemic.

  35. A friend of mine is a paramedic, he also made it right through all of it until we collectively gave up, tested positive just as we went on a road trip back in July and had to turn right back, I was already annoyed we gave up when we did, that just made it that much worse.

  36. They're small and a common size, often in super tight spots too, so you think you're clear and then your socket gets pulled off the extension into the void to never be seen again.

  37. It was at some liquidation store in Kamloops,BC, Canada, I forget the name.

  38. I like how the second toy is for kids "37+ month" old. Like don't dare touch this if you're not at least one month past your third birthday.

  39. I never noticed that! Better not get one for yours kids third birthday or they'll have to wait.

  40. please understand, I'm a car guy. I know this, that's why I worded the post that way. every single car trend you can trace to its roots. lowriding, mini trucks. hot rodding monster trucks even big rim cars and stance kids. you can see how they evolved and where from. the Cali lean I can see being baja influenced. Carolina not so much.

  41. If I had to guess, some moron saw a Baja squatted truck, a lifted truck and a lowered vehicle, smoked some meth and thought what it would be like to combine the 3 and just jumped to the extreme, I haven't looked into the progression because all these excess trends are just stupid to me and I can't care less about them, but everything I have read links them back to that origin.

  42. I just cant seem to make to connection there.

  43. Baja trucks sit noticeably higher in the front so when they get airborne they don't nose dive, people copied and exaggerated it to the point of stupidity, same thing is why we have excessively cambered cars, it makes sense to have extra camber for racing, people liked the look and just kept going until it was at a point of being brain dead.

  44. If Alberta is one of the most prosperous places on Earth, why do the roads suck? I've driven highway 16 from Prince George, BC through Alberta to North Battleford, Saskatchewan a lot, the drive through Alberta is the worst part outside of Jasper for obvious reasons. I would expect BC to be the worst considering we're the only part that really has corners and elevation changes but no it's the Alberta section that is the choppiest.

  45. Looks like it belongs in Fallout

  46. It's the melee alternative to the Fatman, the Batman, totally not related to anything from DC comics for legal reasons.

  47. Imagine all the scaffolding required with those little legs!

  48. This is infuriating not because he killed himself, really could care less if you're that stupid, but what these fucks never think of is the people who have to deal with it, not just family but any bystanders who get to see your head splattered, not to mention the paramedics and doctors who get to try and safe your stupid ass when they could be dealing with someone who didn't make a brain dead choice.

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