1. Those have got to be the most fake looking smiles I have ever seen, they look like aliens trying to convince someone they're human by showing human "emotion."

  2. Med student for 5-6 years, "probably failing if it's that long."

  3. She truly has no idea what she is talking about. It's almost impressive.

  4. It may be impressive if there wasn't so many people with that low level of understanding these days, it takes something pretty insane to actually get a reaction out of me anymore.

  5. Not sure on their overall quality as a whole, have heard decent things though I don't use them myself, but the Husky line from Home Depot I believe has lifetime warranty.

  6. So I'm not sure what the problem is, can someone point it out to me? LOL

  7. I could never figure out growing up how I ended up being friends with the bullies from the next street. Now I think it was because, when they hung around me and my friends, they didn't have to act all tough and cool, they could just be goofy kids and have fun.

  8. You just gave me an epiphany on why some kids were actually super chill 1 on 1 back in school, I never really cared about appearances, so without that pressure of the group they just relaxed, human psychology is strange.

  9. Gangs of kids are the worst, which I think is why I'm still not a fan of groups.

  10. You are not wrong, groups of people in general act much different than individuals, the herd mentality can make people do some bad shit.

  11. That looks like an experienced makers head, screw the haters, I don't even care for the games but that looks amazing!

  12. Someone needs to tell them a confederate flag isn't culture.

  13. Lol let's apply that logic to the confederacy

  14. You're correct, White people created a society, created a culture, a nation for us, in our image. PoC want to insert themselves in the driver seat of our world and tell us how we should think and behave. They want to change our culture to reflect them and represent themselves in our culture to our exclusion. Yet rejecting the dictates of other people is somehow bad. How?

  15. How many "white" nations were built by bullying the indigenous people out of the way so they could settle the land? Canada and the States are definitely guilty, but it's funny, as a white Canadian I've never faced any kind of racism in my life, despite a rather large population of indigenous and east Indian people in my area, a fair amount of people of Asian descent as well, especially down south, maybe it had something to do with actually treating them like humans?

  16. Looks like the Speed Buggy cartoon from the 70s but I think Speed Buggy looked better

  17. This is exactly what came to mind for me, just need to repaint it that yellowish orange!

  18. I (UK) had a civil discussion with my Nan the other day, where I basically said the royal family don't make any decisions and there's no reason to have them any more. They're just sticking around for tourism and PR. She acted like I was saying we should overthrow the entire system, and that total chaos would break out if they were gone. One of her arguments were "Well would you rather have a president like Putin?!?" Like... we have a prime minister. The head of government. The one who actually makes decisions. What would be the difference there if we didn't have a monarch?

  19. A PM that as far as I can tell hasn't been much better than putin, at least no invasions but a lot of shooting ones self in the foot.

  20. I don't think it's fair at all to compare any of the recent PMs to Putin. Yeah, sure, they're useless sacks of shit, but as far as I can tell none of them have gone imprisoning/poisoning/assassinating their political opponents or critics.

  21. Perhaps a little much, I meant it more in a sense of not doing good for the country, but then I could lump a lot more leaders into that boat, including a lot of our provincial leaders here in Canada, but yeah, Putin is another level of fucked up, point taken.

  22. Is this still a thing??? This has to be old, that or they're running out of stupid shit to say and starting to play reruns.

  23. I know a guy that took a flywheel from a generator to the chest. Ripped into his sternum and belly, somehow didn't loose his insides. Then a year or so later same thing happened to a large grinding wheel. Right to the chest. This man has gotten shocked by everyone from 120v to 600v 3phase. To 12000v. And lived. He has fallen off almost every ladder. From a 2storry wherehouse(24') right into concrete. And just fucking got up. He has had a half a dozen batteries explode in his face. One was a legit hydrogen explosion. The rest where acid exploding, the top blew off.

  24. Dude took all the points out of the intelligence stat and dumped them into luck.

  25. All this said as if that exact kind of look wasn't looked down upon by people from a prior generation the same way they are now. They're definitely showing way too much skin and far too flashy for puritans of the late 1800 into the early 90s. Heck, Elvis was seen as deplorable for the way he moved by the older generation at the time, rock and roll was devil music long before metal took that role, it's just a continuous cycle of everything new is bad because it not my thing, that really needs to go away.

  26. Every corgi I have met gave zero shits once they learned I didn't have food, the queen wasn't feeding them so I'm going to guess they continued to give zero shits if she was dead or alive.

  27. Fucker is just mad gay dudes are getting laid more than he is.

  28. I think her favorite game is when I tell her I'm done with her shit, and I will beat her up, and then just look at her angrily, while she slowly pokes me in the eye, and I run around the room, like I'm going crazy, shaking her bed so her seizure alarm goes off. She laughs so much, just chuckling like a sweetheart, I could just take her home.

  29. As someone whose social anxiety makes doing stuff like that, or often dealing with people who have disabilities in general because I just don't know how to act, difficult, you have my full admiration for what you do, the less fortunate among us need things like what you're doing to give them any little sparkle of joy in life that so many take for granted.

  30. This reminds me of a post I saw on Twitter awhile back that just said, you ever WTF white people even though you're white people? And yes, I WTF white people often, white people are friggin crazy, I say this as a rather white person.

  31. Something about auto-erotic asphyxiation with emphasis on the auto part.

  32. Yeah I keep seeing these people compared to trans ppl like furries are compaired to zoophiles and I’m like no, they’re no where close to the same ppl

  33. Then you learn there are "furries" who are like the chud in the picture and they're the god damn zoophiles making the rest of us look bad. They even had their own convention since they got booted from all the others, they're just like the mainstream loonatics but with unwashed fursuits.

  34. Gay republicans exist and they are awful people. Complete shitheads that vote against their communities own best interests because $$$ is more important than peoples rights.

  35. Interesting to see this is kind of a trend.... The pathetic excuse for a gay bar where I live got shut down last year for refusing to follow covid restrictions, then a lot of stories of how fucked up the owners were started coming from people who knew them closely, it seemed like an okay place just kind of dead, though it was also only open on weekends and seemed like a side project to give the queer community a place to gather, though it seemed to be more the straight girls getaway from drunk gays haven instead.

  36. Probably why I see no food without farmers stickers every so often, I'm jaded enough at this point to feel it has to do with something shitty, those people will jump on anything they think can gain them clout.

  37. They are just looking for a PR pivot after all their leaders turned out to be raging white supremacists

  38. Rich white supremacist pedophiles in a lot of cases, but it's totally the left that's the problem.

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