1. sorry op please forgive me, im hijacking your thread, but could someone enter a prompt for me in gpt4 please , basically its>.

  2. Creating a custom module in Odoo involves several steps. Here, we'll create a new Odoo 12 module that reads data from an existing Excel file and provides a to-do list functionality.

  3. I open Chat GPT5, and it prompts himself about what I was thinking, or not thinking but needing about

  4. I agree. Some people maybe playing that specific hero for a first time and loses miserably, which will make them hate it

  5. I have this and I love it I'm using it more now than my battlestation pc

  6. But he is there by force against his own will And everyone is cheering of killing him

  7. The Ukrainians shouldn't have to be defending themselves in 2023 from a madman hell bent on conquest and building an empire.

  8. I agree with you. It's hell and it's sad, really really sad.

  9. Just add death world and remove trees for easier expansion

  10. No, it's not bad. They're not penalizing sites for it.

  11. Do a Off-page Audit, make a list of those spammy backlinks and submit those in Google Disavow tool. This will solve your Spam backlinks issue

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