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  1. I’d imagine this is a event before Ratatouille was made. And he & his brother fought to the death

  2. I hope this person gets the worse luck of all time for being this fkn heartless and fkn have half a broken brain for doing this. I wish slow pain for this person

  3. I was zooming in on the skull and upside down cross’s and the lady then the clown and I was like nothings wrong with that then I came across the swastika

  4. I hope that woman gets a whole hell of bad luck her entire life for being that fkn half brain dead. So fkn stupid man. Hopefully she doesn’t get kids

  5. 1000% I canceled until they get more sats up here

  6. I’d cancel too. But I can live with the interruptions until it get stable. But that’ll be a long time before that happens

  7. I feel that 100% I wish I could game on it I’ve downloaded over a TB in games & updates which is sweet but yeah I just can’t afford to pay it if my ping goes bonkers

  8. Same I downloaded a lot of online games. And was hoping I’d be able to play them. Only once in a long while it stays connected for a good amount of times before it goes back to every 3 minutes of interruptions

  9. If you don’t got many devices you can just change your wifi password and reconnect your devices other then that I don’t know

  10. Also I have a question if you don’t mind. How many table spoons of salt would I have to ingest before anything bad happens.

  11. Oh god I thought I was a goner from my own stupidity. Thanks for the reply!. You’ll never knew how long I was scared of being salt poison.

  12. As long as the soft cap stops these kinda people’s then I’m happy with it. no more abusing it

  13. Shouldn’t be a problem that it says NT, FedEx will hand it off to canada post once it gets to Winnipeg. Believe once FedEx hands it off they usually send it via xpresspost. Also that’s just how FedEx’s system works, I’ve had it happen plenty of times and on the label itself it was always NU.

  14. Also I wonder if they deliver on the weekends also?. Asking that question cause of the special handling part

  15. Well it depends if the post office in your community is open on weekends.

  16. They’re close on the weekends so no. But it says it’s expected to come 23. Hopefully next week instead it’ll come. But that’s me Dreaming

  17. Don’t got my dish yet so can’t say nothing about that. But my tickets to support took 1 day to get message back from them. And that’s on all 3 questions I had and all the were the same time it took them to come back to me

  18. Damn. Hate to ask but what this person did to be erased from the Reddit universe ?

  19. It takes a lot to be deleted from the universe of Reddit. Pineapple on pizza should do it

  20. Yes. Such a horrible choice this person has chosen and has been caught

  21. Yes, after you pass 1 terabyte, you get deprioritized.

  22. It‘a effective now? I thought it was only until December

  23. Why are you rude? When I’m just asking a question and looking for a Answer?

  24. No contract no promises in writing. I do not care. all I want is better internet and lower ping. And Starlink is going to make the Dream come true once it gets here. And me hitting the cap in December. As long as it doesn’t effect me playing online games too much then I’m okay with it

  25. It truly is great. I have had it since March of 21. All these people crying cuz they watch 4K Netflix GTFOH

  26. It’s there Data and they can use it however they want but they complaining isn’t going to change the 1TB change in December. If they want to keep doing those things pay up for more GB. 0.25 US a GB is a very good deal and 0.32 for CAD. Still better prices then my old provider 15 per GB and it wasn’t unlimited.

  27. I Don’t know about anyone else. But for me they always respond the next day for my questions

  28. Waiting a week or so as many people’s said before and I’ve seen some on the 7 day mark but prob longer for others. And strange enough I’ve ordered the residential the same day as you Thursday and still preparing shipment. And waiting for it to come is the hardest part. But gotta find something distracting to do

  29. I'm still wait-listed, but did not get the caps email. Should I be concerned?

  30. There’s no concern about a data cap since it’s just de prioritize you once you used all the 1TB. and your not going to get cut off I presume. And just be on the basic plan until the next month which is probably slower speeds during 7am to 11pm

  31. I also got it mail. but I haven’t even got the dish yet and you’ll probably be de prioritize. But to me a TB a month sounds great! Is what I say. Since the current internet I have right now is bell mobile with 50GB for 280 a month for a iphone and a iPad. Along with the down/up being lower then 0.50 while being throttled and a Awful ping of 600/900.

  32. Nunavut Kugaaruk latitude 68N Still preparing shipment hope on Monday they’ll ship my kit. If not hopefully by Friday. Cause I cannot wait for Starlink to come and hopefully the service is good to let me download games and play them on a much lower ping

  33. That’s great to know!. So also at 11 pm until 7am is when I can go ham on the usage? Not super crazy but maybe 300/700 but idk since all I’m going to use my future Starlink is my ps5 and phone

  34. 1/ The time is your local time. 2/ You can use as much data as you want in those hours. 3/ I am sure that the speed will be extremely good even you already go over the cap (not apply for mobility)

  35. Thanks for the information!. Plus I always stay up till 4 or 5 am cause I cannot just lay down and sleep which is a problem but not hurting anyone other then what time I go to sleep.

  36. Hell nah I ain’t even got the chance to have low ping where I’m at yet. So if a meteor coming I’m do a Kung fu panda and catch and spin it back to space. Or if nukes drop I’m catch them with a net

  37. I hope the most horrible thing happens to that re tarted person. The most stupid thing I’ve seen. I hope he gets off in the most painful way

  38. X and Lud tongue each other is normal but man this is weird to a whole other level. And I don’t care if that’s her childhood best friend or they fk each other before. This is some other level higher then black mold in the brain type of thing

  39. I thought the update would’ve fix the app for me but it still crash’s when I try the check for obstructions

  40. Ah take one off for yes I didn’t saw the texts. So I thought you meant something else

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