1. I don’t think this is a fossil. It looks like a modern shark jaw.

  2. It looks like a shark jaw, definitely not a fossil

  3. ahh haha i was going alphabetical order trying to get them all to level 1, besides the 9 that i play all the time. how many do we need at level 2 now to play ranked?

  4. What happened OP? Did you take the interviews? I'm contacted by them, what are your suggestions about it?

  5. I did not pursue it. i have had people PMing me their personal experiences, and what I’ve heard is that they make you lie on your resume to get a good paying job where they keep a percentage. So you can potentially get a good job but at the expense of ethical conflicts. If you have any input, I’d love to hear it. my personal experience though is i thought they were sketch and went in a different direction.

  6. It seems like Revature but the pay is actually fair, so I think if you're willing to move, it could actually be a decent first job, right?

  7. I don’t know, based on the comments it seems kind of shady, also I thought the different names and lack of information I could find at the time were red flags, but i really don’t know personally. I think if it is not a scam and the pay is decent then getting your foot in the door anywhere is good. I ended up not pursuing it, but if you take the job let me know how it is!

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