1. The list of known examples, already a fairly long one, will doubtless be extended as excavation proceeds; but it is clear that many elements of the plan of a basilican church were becoming standardised.

  2. Putting effort in their stuff won't happen. Too many stupid people buy this toy instead of getting a real handheld like the Steamdeck.

  3. Play Breath of the Wild, Nintendo can and does put effort into their games

  4. The Leeds players need to calm down, they've been disgraceful

  5. MSI GF63, got it last year, and nothing is using Ethernet and i can't do that to mine right now

  6. Is it really most of the world? I would think in a lot of Europe, ice hockey would win out over field hockey. And not really sure Africa and middle east even care either way.

  7. I'm English and if someone says hockey they mean field hockey

  8. Americans don't know what you are doing the other day when I opened the laptop and when you said you wanted me

  9. I think a mix of the 2nd and third would be cool, Like If you put them into tiers at the end of each episode

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