1. Tu peux leur demander une rupture commune de CDD, si l'emploi et l'employé sont d'accord, c'est possible, ou alors trouver un CDI.

  2. D’accord merci je viens de voir que un cdd doit être signé dans les 2j suivant l’embauche je vais essayer de faire jouer ça

  3. GG. That's a thousand times better, then regular PMO.

  4. What information shows you at 00h? You need to check if there was an application making something in background. Maybe a backup or something…

  5. I was using youtube, i disabled background app It’s the first time that a drop of battery like that happen. Generally i lose 7% not 48% it’s strange

  6. 100% best thing you can do is train yourself to keep your head up as much as possible. I’m a football coach and also dyspraxic: training myself to do this meant that my actual tactile ball control didn’t matter so much as I knew ahead of time where the space was, so even if my touch was poor I could at least knock it in vaguely the right direction rather than playing into trouble.

  7. Try playing keeper! is sth you can practice on your own and you have to do less stuff at the same time.

  8. Go strong! It’s easier to stay on the train than it is to get back on

  9. Yes you’re right thank you, i see no improvement because i don’t practice sport, still on tinder ..

  10. I am extremely tempted rn my relapse chances when I was at 30 days would of been 90% but right now my chances are <1%. Meaning If I relapse well then I'll actually become worthless. But what I am trying to say is if you don't relapse now, you will be a stronger man later!

  11. How many days of nofap you have ? I had 0 urge but since one week i have urge and i feel bad having urge to finger my a**, i thought this fantasy will disapear after reboot

  12. the battery on the 14 pro should be roughly the same as the pixel 6 pro, but a bit better.

  13. The screen is beautiful, camera not better than my p6p, battery Life not so good (maybe because he is New?)

  14. No problem just promise me to go to a doctor because this does sound serious.

  15. It usually take 100 days (that’s what i heard) to really feel the change, this is normal, i was at 61 days of nofap but i was so motivated, focused and felt less temptation. However, i saw multiple photo on social media that made me get back to porn again, but now i started from the beginning and willing to go to 100 days

  16. If possible go to Best Buy/Target/Apple Store/carrier store and hold the display ones to see what works best for you

  17. 14 Pro Max will be way too big for you

  18. Yeah I have slowly been going away from porn. I’d say this past year have tapped to it, but I have looked at it. Mostly out of habit and a few times to see if I’d get aroused. I don’t feel much as is right now with fapping so I decided to just stop now. I did make my first post pretty much about it. For me I’m on my 3rd right now

  19. Nothing new in particular. Just keeping myself busy with my day to day activities and spending time with my family.

  20. this isnt a magic pill. You have taken away a massive dopamine source for your brain.

  21. I still have huge dopamine with my social media.. but I practice méditation and sport

  22. The 6 Pro didn't have a charger so I'm not sure what you're using unless you're talking about the Pixel Stand?

  23. The charger on thé official Google website, I tried another one but phone don't work. I dont want this shit anymore , I will buy 14 pro

  24. That's probably a good thing, since you don't want to go through any troubleshooting steps.

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