1. I only use What’sAp with my domestic Latina friends and my friends abroad.

  2. I remember in the before times when the Young Turk had a public access cable show in DC.

  3. Your letting details you know after the fact affect your opinion. You want cops to have guns at the ready cause you know Pelosi gets his head bash in.

  4. I dunno man. This is a concerning call from the home of the Speaker of The House. They should have been better prepared.

  5. I’ve always felt like attempted murder should be charged the same as murder murder because the intent was the same - we are just rewarding people who are bad at murder. Also frankly someone who is severely injured but not dead may have a fate worse than death.

  6. I’ve long wondered why women’s perfume doesn’t smell like bacon and men’s cologne smells like money or really attentive listening.

  7. I’m in Traumatic Bereavement therapy right now, and my psychologist says that your brain/mind can shut down as a protective mechanism. In my experience, I went fluidly between screaming for help, to crying, to dazed and confused, to shocked silence, to bewilderment. It was just one after the other. And then suddenly, in the middle of it all, I sort of snapped into reality long enough that my attorney training kicked in, and I remembered to document the scene. Maybe 5 minutes of taking photos, and then I slipped right back into crying, panic, etc. I wasn’t asking “how did this happen”, but I was definitely vocal.

  8. Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry about whatever happened to you. I wish you healing, peace and the love of a good dog. ❤️

  9. Thank you. ❤️ My daughter and I were hit by a drunk driver in 2021; I survived, but my little girl died.

  10. Oh friend. I have no words. I too am a mother. I wish I could hug it all away for you. Good on you for working so hard to get back towards life. ❤️

  11. This is the correct answer. From the images we can see that the book says that "we [American English users] tend to prefer ...'center' to 'centre', but we use 'theatre' as often as 'theater'. Perhaps those in the theyatah feel it smacks of culture." So this isn't a reference to the accents of the southern US but to a fancy theatrical way of saying the word. "They" at the start possibly suggests an exaggerated vowel or elongated first syllable. "Ah" represents a nonrhotic accent (where "r" is dropped at the end of a syllable). Most British speakers are nonrhotic, but additionally, nonrhotic pronunciations are associated with eastern New England as well as with parts of the southern US and with African American Vernacular.

  12. He’s beautiful. He looks comfortable and so well loved. ❤️💔

  13. My Dad had some Australian colleagues. A few of them came to Dallas to collaborate on stuff. They asked my Dad where all the tumble weeds were and my Dad had to explain that was more of rural Texas thing than something that happened in the city.

  14. I think your dad is awesome. I bet they’ll love to see it and take photos with it!

  15. My 2yo IUD baby says hi! I got my tubes removed during his csec, and I still expect to get pregnant anytime...

  16. I know, right? It gets better. For context I'm an educated, married, established lady in my mid 30s, and grew up in a Nordic country with great sex ed and no ridiculous abstinence taboo games. My firstborn was 9 at the time. So it's not like I was a clueless teen.

  17. Dude! I’m sure they are a delight and you can’t imagine your life without them but Dude. Unexpected human is a big deal!

  18. Harpootlian wanted to get the shock factor off the table so the prosecutor won’t be able to utilize it later as much. IMO it’s why he went out of his way to be graphic.

  19. I don’t know that anything will be able to prepare those poor jurors for the photos. They’re gonna have to carry those images with them forever.

  20. I really don't think I could look at them.. Do they really have to or can they refuse?

  21. I know like two people who still display their wedding photos. When you get married it seems like THE event of your life - but it’s not. If you live right, it’s just the beginning.

  22. As I understand it, no school has open lunches but they simply don’t have the faculty to enforce it. You drive around Georgia and Randolph throughout school hours and there’s tons of kids just wondering around.

  23. Based on old Google Street View images, the signboard was blank from at least June 2008 to August 2011 and the sign was installed NLT June 2012.

  24. At 47 you are too old to give a shit about what other people say you should do.

  25. I agree that our system is failing. But living like this isn't a housing issue. It's a substance abuse and mental health issue experienced by people who have little to no support from friends and family. It gets worse because we treat it as a housing issue, ignore the mental health aspect of it, and expect all these people who were living on the streets to suddenly change their ways if and when they are offered a place to stay.

  26. Lots of times the family HAVE supported them but even families have to give up sometimes. The problems these people have require a lot of money but more than that a lot of highly trained humans and a lot of time with those humans of whom we do not have enough, not enough medical schools to train them.

  27. I mean the guy built a single family home on the sidewalk.

  28. Millard Fillmore but most people will call him Mr. President.

  29. There’s hardly anything green there. Like 5 sad trees who dream of living in the Pacific Northwest.

  30. Especially Cairns. It’s hot as fuck up there all year.

  31. the whole shirtless thing was definitely a plot twist I did not expect

  32. I was outraged until I saw that and then I was like “ohhh” fella feels sketchy. I think you are required to wear a shirt even in Oz.

  33. Kittens fall asleep in 0.2 seconds. They’ll be fine. Once they’re older you can’t kiss that belly anymore!!! Do it now

  34. Also if you start kissing their belly when they are young they may let you keep doing it when they are older. They do not enjoy belly raspberries tho fyi.

  35. I mean I appreciate him speaking up but Yara and Jenny are grown women and unless being physically threatened, they can take care of themselves. Women don’t need men to speak up for them.

  36. The more weight he loses, the scarier he looks. Everything about him is very unsettling.

  37. NGL - who knew prison was such an effective weight loss program? The more you know.

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