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  1. Bilder looking like pre-usada Mendes or something. Legit looks peak natty for a fighter. Idk how some fighters seem to have time to be deep into Weightlifting at the same time as being a professional fighter.

  2. I wouldn't say deep into weight lifting for sure. Training for fights gets you jacked as is, and some dudes' muscles just respond incredibly well to it. Others need to weight lift to look like this though.

  3. I'm sorry but you're sounding entitled. Gherk doesn't have to pander to you. He can stream however he wants and he has his rights to his biases. Literally "I like/don't like the stock". Not to mention it could be because of responsibilities as others have pointed out.

  4. IV is incredibly high with minimal price upside from here. Even a small IV crush will demolish calls tomorrow. WSB already seems to be frothing at the mouth to get in - and generally when they're about to enter, it's already way too late.

  5. Not here to brag dude. I'm here to learn and make money to live a better life. We're all more or less the same in this. Your first 2 paragraphs are spot on tho. Bbby is likely to fall again and it will be a fast fall i think.

  6. It’s funny we came back to this lmao I’ve been out for awhile now.

  7. Lmao i got a notification from remindme 1 year. Told u tho! Amc is shittt

  8. No, i mean he grabbed his glove which could've changed the outcome of the fight.


  10. Maverick of WallStreet. He's on YouTube, but if you have premium you can download and listen to it on the go.

  11. My man. Anyone who has a lot of shares should DRS their shares. I only have 41 so I dont think it will make a big difference and the fees will be eating at my profits as well.

  12. "You guys can DRS but i won't because bla bla bla"

  13. Honest question: as low as they are driving amc and ape should they not slowly reach a level where they could just close their short and walk away with their profit? They must have entered the short position above the current price, right? If so, why not close them now? Or are they really hoping to drop it to zero?

  14. Many have closed and made big money. Amc is shitt

  15. These cramer posts are getting old pretty fast.

  16. Icing on the cake would be if AA announced the 480m more APE dilution today :4271:

  17. It’s funny that people are still trashing it

  18. How? People trashing it have every right to lol. It fucking sucks

  19. If you don't know my point you should probably stop trying to help prove my point.

  20. shilling the S&P 500? You wanna talk to some professional?

  21. Someone can help arrange what Adam says in a logical way?

  22. "I will dilute very soon, need your cash apes:4271:"

  23. Lol Wednesday they will report disaster numbers What's the chart say about that?

  24. Bitter boy, i checked your shit out on twitter. You're absolutely an idiot and have a sad life.

  25. Now show us the Sell history where you dumped shares between the 15th and 25th of Aug

  26. ~6k shares sold, and i'm willing to bet you sold em above 20 (120Grand). Apes, these are the types of posts that you should downvote. Intentional misleading so you can pump his shares. Fuck OP for painting a false picture!

  27. Yes…according to your research 🤣…WishBaggers were saying this same thing 18 months ago when Wish was $12-$15 and they’ll say the same thing again at 50 cents a year from now 😉

  28. It's b.s , clearly. The agreement was reached but the strategy panel voted to not sell bbb apparently.

  29. Yup. They gave RC a hard time is what it is looking like. Instead of selling baby to pay down debt, they took on more debt and are diluting. On to the next play i guess...

  30. Why would they cut costs then if they are taking more debt obligations.

  31. Because they don't want to burn through that debt as quickly. If the company can't turnaround in a couple more quarters, I think it's on to bankruptcy. I hope y'all squeeze before that but it's not looking promising tbh.

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