1. On the one hand, Misty's psychotic behaviour seems to be driven by a desperate loneliness, a need to be needed. She's trapped in a bad feedback loop where isolation has hindered her ability to connect with people, causing her to scare people off, making her more isolated. You wonder how different she'd be if she just had one good friend.

  2. Not to say these are the best, but here are mine:

  3. Hey Windows1798! Don't worry, your comment hasn't been removed, This is just a message to tell you that you used a spoiler tag that isn't supported for everyone on Reddit.

  4. Yes, but he was killed by Van. Not Lottie. The interwoven timelines work best if Lottie is a villain in 1996 but redeemed in 2021.

  5. I agree. It’s NOT Lottie. But, Nat will think it is the second she sees her alive… thus all the rumors and quotes that there will be major tension between the adult versions.

  6. Yes! Their relationships in 1996 and 2021 will be mirror inversions of each other. Friends to enemies as teens, then enemies to friends as adults. Part of Adult Nat's arc in S2 is painfully coming to trust Lottie again. Juicy drama.

  7. Wow, you actually found it. That’s amazing. Thanks so much.

  8. Thank you for saving me the trouble of posting this request. I was going to describe it as having an "Austin Powers vibe".

  9. How far along is Shauna at this point? I wonder if they do an Anti-Christ-mas episode where the baby is delivered.

  10. do you think Javi and Travis would be a part of the other group then? we obviously know they split into two groups, but is it possible the groups come back together right before they are rescued?

  11. At the time of the flashback, there is no other group yet, imo. The schism happens later. There will be a period where everyone is 100% a participant of the madness. It's more tragic if Nat doesn't listen to herself right away, and succumbs to the cult mentality out of fear, desperation, and trauma.

  12. it’s been theorized that the pit girl scene is the second winter they are out there. they are rescued around January of 98 or so if they crashed in June of 96. when would you see the group split? that would be pretty close to rescue.

  13. I think Nat's arc in Season 2 is about gathering the courage to break away. So the rebellion happens in Spring 97. The seasonal symbolism tracks: rays of hope melting away tyrannous winter. Also, war historically occurs in Summer.

  14. I watched this 100 times in a row when she posted it. She's mesmerizing. And that location is amazing and definitely where the Wellness Center is. Juliette posted from the same location from a dock on a river/lake with a few extras in purple/lavender showing up.

  15. Mesmerizing is the perfect word. Also 👀 👀 do you have a link to the Juliette post?

  16. Absent a firm date for season 2, or a teaser trailer or anything, I would settle for one shot of Kessell with that "Third eye" scar makeup.

  17. I generally don't believe in the concept of spoilers for a number of reasons, but the Adult Lottie reveal is an exception. Seeing a production photo of her ahead of the story would devastate me.

  18. All the marketing I saw kept using the same photo of Christina Ricci in scrubs, so I thought it was just another hospital drama. It took until the season finale and somebody describing it as 'Lord of the Flies with girls' for me to give it a shot. Been obsessed ever since.

  19. Showtime fumbled the bag by only manufacturing Jackie's uniform. Should have had each girl's jersey available so you could pick your fave or do a group costume with your friends. I had to order

  20. It's not a person specific costume. You get to choose the numbers and put them on yourself. I have the costume.

  21. Oh, that's sick! But none of the marketing I've seen indicated that. Still an L for Showtime.

  22. Solved! I'm thinking of 25th Hour. I confused last day of freedom for last day alive, among a lot of other things. I didn't even remember the "F New York" rant, just the feeling of hate behind it, and basically fabricated a completely different, more interesting movie about a miserable man whom everyone despises.

  23. I'll say this for Jack...despite being an Olympic-level horn-dog, he only once dipped his pen in the company ink with Avery.

  24. Incorrect. In 7.10 he admits to sleeping "with Jenna a lot during season three".

  25. If you look at the episodes as a continuous story, there's just no way they resolve the Nat/Lottie cliffhanger of 1.10 immediately in 2.01.

  26. It's less thematically meaningful if it turns out both versions of Tai were dark-sided the whole time, imo. The somewhat on-the-nose allegory of her split is that unresolved trauma makes you a stranger and enemy to yourself. The main tension of her story arc in season 1 comes out of the fact that she doesn't realize that she's The Bad One, or knows it deep down but is in denial about it. It makes her sinister grin at the end of episode 10 more powerful because now The Bad One is winning Tai over.

  27. Yeah I like this idea too. I think she's definitely got the stuff to be a villain, but over time. Sort of like her using that PI to investigate the other YJs. What was her end plan, if one of them agreed to accept Jessica's phony book deal offer? Was she going to just say, "Ha, gotcha, don't blab." Or would she do something worse? Tai is capable of a lot, and I think her alternate personality reflects that latent dark side.

  28. I think Jessica Roberts' book deal was a test, as you say. But also an opportunity to probe the others for any secrets they kept from Tai.

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