1. I must say it again: I am surprised that even in this sub people believe what this lying, grifting piece of excrement says.

  2. Oh don’t get me wrong I hate this guy with a burning passion like I couldn’t put into words my hatred for him lmaooo but I think it’s wrong to sway the guy I changed my mind when it happened to his mother in law

  3. Sloppy bastard looks like he had a stroke when he’s added to his dumbass thumbnails

  4. Whoever swatted him is an absolute piece of shit. I don’t care if you disagree with a guy or not, that’s inexcusable and the person that did this should go to jail.

  5. They look kinda weird not gonna lie but he took it to the extreme being a obsessed weirdo

  6. Cargo shorts and sneakers at the beach

  7. Lol I was thinking the same thing 🤣 damn cargos with the sandals are a better combo

  8. Imagine this pathetic weakling, who gets "anxiety" if he has to leave his basement, were forced to survive in Ukraine, with daily russian terror attacks against civilians...

  9. He’s such a little bitch bro 🤣 imagine being almost 40 and crying about traveling anxiety but at the same time calling men soy boys or betas lmaooo

  10. So like, I don't judge people for struggling with mental health, there's nothing wrong with that. But when a man who's lived 4 decades on this earth and makes a living trashing others for just living their lives, it's kinda cathartic and pathetic to know he's so deeply insecure he struggles to leave his house purely because of the bubble he himself built

  11. I get that and as someone who has been diagnosed with a mental disorder I can proudly say everything I do to make fun of this guy He perpetuates racism and homophobic hatred towards POC and I am also Latino so I don’t lose no sleep in clowning him for being such a little bitch scared to leave his house, I think he’s really scared someone will see him in public and break his jaw

  12. I wish but his views keep growing on YouTube. I guess right wing idiots love n hearing the same culture war crap over and over again.

  13. It’s always 20 videos of the same topics by 30 different losers each day

  14. Can’t wait till it actually fails and he’s is insufferable amounts of pain

  15. Someone save that "Oh Elon please notice me!" Send it to H3H3

  16. I’m not a fan of that crowd but their sound board on Jeremy is epic

  17. Astounding lack of self awareness for Mr. "Senpai Elon, please fuck my wife sir" over here to be putting that one someone else. Elon gave her a free Tesla Jeremy, she's just a better grifter than you.

  18. No, Yellowflash2 is a piece of shit too. Using manga as a shield for his anti-LGBT hate, when manga is full of progressive stuff like western media is (personally I think that Japanese media does it better but feel free to debate me on that).

  19. He pretends to be some manga and anime gatekeeper like a fucking clown He blocked me when I called him out

  20. Elon is sick of getting @‘ed by Germy while he takes turns plowing his wife with the pilot.

  21. And here I was thinking I wasn’t going to have a good Saturday 🤣 this and UFC tonight have made my weekend! Fuck you Jeremy Hambly go cry and piss in your basement

  22. Just ask for a BJ so he can’t annoy you with his voice.

  23. Brett Cooper looks like Ben Shabibo if he wanted to make some extra money on the weekends with a wig and some lipstick.

  24. I love my carhartt gets me through this insane weather at work But that I am a blue collar worker unlike that piece of dog shit that claims to work harder than me making 14 minute videos

  25. He really wants Elon to fuck him at this point No wonder his wife left him

  26. It was Jim Carrey's acting wasn't it

  27. He is an absolute psychotic narcissist. I knew he was gonna pull this BS. Publicly had a meltdown, deletes the tweets and the video, comes back a day later acting like he did nothing to embarass himself and posts a video about how him and Elon are actually winning by exposing the bots. SMDH, Germy can not have a stroke fast enough for me.

  28. He even said in the beginning of one video he was going to slow down talking about Elon. He still hasn't though! lmao

  29. He just saying that cause even his lame fans call him out He knows dam well he never will

  30. And the fantasy about her was the most soy shit anyone's ever said

  31. Honestly I used to watch his videos and thought he made some good points but then realized this hateful piece of shit recycles the same bs content, reads like if he was in middle school and just hates women or any POC person Also the constant Elon dick riding was just so cringe

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