Random acts of kindness do more than people think. Not only does the recipient of a good deed generally feel more positive after these interactions, the study found that they also spread this kindness and generosity to others.

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  1. It's definitely this. Nows the time to convert any gas to neo if you want to take advantage of the situation

  2. It bothers me that no one wants to post a serious answer. I’ll take a stab, and maybe someone smarter than me can correct me where wrong.

  3. You know you people can give you inheritance before they die right?

  4. You get notified and have the option of not accepting it. You can’t have property forced on you.

  5. You literally can have property forced on you. You then have the option to sell it.

  6. Not in US. Sorry I didn’t qualify that. Maybe you’re thinking of a different country than US? In US you will be notified and be able to accept or decline.

  7. It would be a random act of kindness to me if you could gift me the meaning of that wonderful sounding word. Sure, I could Google it, but where is the gift in that?

  8. Is it a smooth trail free of debry and cracks? Are there a lot of up and downhills or is it mostly flat? Would a beginner quad skater be comfortable on this trail?

  9. Thanks! In- line skating and rollerblading are interchangeable in my vocabulary :) is there a difference between the two?

  10. Its legit to use “rollerblading” as a general term for “inline skating”, like we say kleenex instead of tissues.

  11. This all sounds diabolically awful, and I’m glad you took the time to write it, and sorry for my ignorance, but what is the connection to hodlnaut? I need it spelled out to me in ELI5 please.

  12. Perfect. So till tornado cash is back to live, that’s our second best option is what I get.:) thank you!

  13. I think it’s better than second best to just use a new wallet address. Now you don’t have to trust a middleman.

  14. On a related note, since the photo is of a front plate, I’ve never had a front plate on my cars, ever. Just too lazy to put it on.

  15. I see this all as just a marketing plot for a documentary or something similar.

  16. You could be right, but I would watch it before I’d watch the oak island drivel or whatever other fake treasure hunting “con-umentaries”. At least with this show we know there is a treasure that could be found.

  17. I think it would depend on what the agreement was around the gift. If they ask for the money and it’s based on a a verifiable lie that you later prove wrong, like they need it for cancer treatment, then you might have a case for fraud. If its more like you’re just feeling generous or you think they’re pretty, then it’s just a gift.

  18. For instance, if they sent money from a hardware wallet to a gambling site and then they received money from that gambling site and then they sent that money to Coinbase to sell it for cash, that could be problematic.

  19. Do you mean an illegal gambling site? Because gambling is legal. People are paid legit money from casinos all the time.

  20. Isn't it bizarre to think that another person should pay for landscaping service or commit to hours of property maintenance per week just to satisfy your aesthetic desires?

  21. Unchecked weeds are a fire hazard. Junk, old appliances, old cars are a health and safety hazard. Trash attracts vermin.

  22. Great, I'm glad you added better justification.

  23. My point is that there are valid and practical reasons for a city/county to have rules. So why attack someone for whatever reason they give for following them? No reason is a bad reason to do the right thing.

  24. You know what, you are so right. You made me see the darkness of my greed and selfishness. I’m going to pull everything out of crypto today and sink it into the stock market.

  25. So far that’s a no for me. I’m pretty sure if it happens we will be hearing about it here fairly quickly.

  26. Apparently there is nothing to worry about and this has been covered ad nauseam. Just trying to find one of those times so I can learn. Perhaps Bankless warned their listeners about this possibility in an episode? I can’t imagine they dropped the ball so hard as not to cover this.

  27. Curious, do we have any way to check whether Coinbase or others are actually staking? Because doesn’t this concern only come into play if they actually have validators set up and are staking?

  28. Not an expert but I’m guessing you can check with their shareholder reports. They can’t lie to shareholders. I’m sure someone smarter could tell you about on chain. I’m getting downvoted trying to learn though, so I can’t imagine anyone will answer your question either.

  29. Coinbase does have shareholders (because their stock is publicly traded), but the people who parked ETH on coinbase for “staking” or any other purpose are not shareholders.

  30. No worries, but you asked what trouble they could be facing and for a change I have some relevant experience!

  31. That would certainly be a crime, and it is related to my example, but in my example I didn’t imagine the honeypot landlord would steal deposits.

  32. A former client of mine was a honeypot estate agent (unbeknownst to me) where they’d take non-refundable deposits from people for flats that “fell through” but never actually existed on their books.

  33. I wouldn’t recommend it either, and I didn’t know it was already a thing. Thanks for chiming in with your story.

  34. Thanks for your response! It's definitely not included in homeowner's insurance here. If something happens on your property, as a result of the conditions of your property , home owners insurance will likely cover it. I'm sure there would be some kind of policy you could take out for general liability, but it's not part of home owners insurance. If you run a business, then there is absolutely policies that provide cover for specific industries/issues. But for the average person, I don't know, I don't think there is. I guess the Amber Heard & Columbine cases are amongst the rare few where insurance companies really have to fork out big money for this kind of thing.

  35. Could it be something like homeowners insurance covers injuries occurring on the property, so if they reside in the home while they are committing libel or in some way causing damage to another person, then that would somehow be equivalent to someone tripping on their steps and being injured?

  36. What I think is, if your only way of communicating your message is via a video, with no summary or tdlr, it’s spam.

  37. What concerns me most is that y’all are talking about it. Every time I see a Reddit post about it I’m like oh no, not another post about the thing no one likes but everyone is obsessed about.

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