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  1. Then ignore them? If I hate seeing gore I would just filter them out right? Because 1 it doesnt affect how I live and 2 if people likes seeing it then good for them.

  2. lol after reading comments and seeing all the "don't play it then" I got what your comment meant. Since when are so many morons playing poe of all games

  3. Rec room looks too big, also too many snacks, nerf it before people get used to good things

  4. "vIcTiM bLaMeR" nice buzz words kid. Get good at the game or literally stop playing we don't care. You don't contribute to the community with your 3c sales.

  5. I like how mad you get in a post that you made yourself in a place where you should expect people to comment back and give their own opinions even if it's opposite to yours. It's just so logical and smart. And then you go on a parade saying it's a good thing you are heavily disagreed with... like wha...

  6. They're all old lol. The most recent of the 3 videos was uploaded 3 years ago.

  7. That's just escaping how bad mapping feels. You're not burned out with your build and effort you've put into making it work and progress you've made on it makes you play more with it but in another "scene" I guess.


  9. Your edited quote looks like you are trying to point that the person did shaper and not uber elder. Im not agreeing or disagreeing with your argument.

  10. I guess the quote change is indeed confusing. I meant that it was more about Shaper fight than UE when it comes to "well designed"

  11. I think the reason you don't want to touch them is because they are made out of pure suffering and you'd feel bad for using them

  12. Yeah, but what if it gives me a second set of arms and titties?

  13. Because maven isnt bad once you learn the fight she telegraphs everrything, all mechanics are skillfully manipulated

  14. So what if she telegraphs everything? She jumps around the arena during the laser phase escaping you all the time and then proceeds to become invincible during memory game.

  15. I'm guessing it's the color scheme and the glitchy behavior of Sirus. A lot of the ways you can predict Sirus' attacks can't be seen by people that are color blind.

  16. It's only a small part of it, unlike the Maven or shaper fight you can't control where degen drops, so like in Uber Elder fight it just ruins your arena, and unlike Uber Elder Sirus fucking STALLS with his stupid invincibility phases. No stalling = less cancer degen on the ground

  17. No joke, I read a couple of pages before sleep as a sleeping aid. It's not very exciting.

  18. brought up a lot of premises, a bunch of things that could bloom into interesting subplot, but nothing much happened, things that were brought up weren't all that flashed out and were just boring.

  19. You actually have to be REALLY close to get hit by the explosions because they're so small, I'm good so far

  20. So multiple level 100 NPCs versus a guy who can copy only 80% and locked out of one of a kind classes and super tier spells? The Floor Guardians GodStomp bad

  21. Bro... Treasury has all of the freaking world items and every piece of gear the guild had collected

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