Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)

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  1. I know. It's sad really. I wouldn't trust a word out of Putin's mouth with a gun to my head, but there are plenty of world leaders more honest than our own, and certainly more honest than our intelligence agencies, who I would absolutely trust over some neoliberal mook from the CIA or trump or Biden.

  2. Ah, the old willful misinterpretation to make anyone who attacks liberals a fan of trump. If you can find one positive thing I've ever said about trump, and pointing out that he's right once about a single thing even though it's for entirely the wrong reasons isn't defending him, I'll concede your point.

  3. Thomas has a lifetime appointment. Republicans gave it to him because they have no morals, just a thirst for power.

  4. You’d whine too if your team got completely jobbed out of a Super Bowl birth. Luckily for you Kermit the frog gets the Brady treatment.

  5. Lol, because you say so? What a worthless conversation. Mahomes and Kelce at 50% tops better than the whole damn Bengals team. Go away now, you bring nothing of value here

  6. No I do, people assume because these guys are NFL athletes they're automatically with the best trainers. A lot of expensive trainers don't know shit and aren't physical therapists. I'm not either, but I worked with one for 5 years before going off on my own. There's a ton of really compelling data on Nordics, hamstring and knee injuries. Same thing with tib raises for shin and ankle injuries. I like doing eversion and inversion with bands is killer too.

  7. Look at all the butthurt fans in here. They are gonna get hate regardless, might as well heel it up

  8. Mahomes & Reid are pretty likeable. Any hate from me, and I feel like a majority of people, was the blatant favoritism from the refs.

  9. And yet in the postgame thread anyone suggesting the refs blew it is massively downvoted. Scary how some can’t criticize authority.

  10. Lmao its been nothing but a ref bitchfest all night and day. What are you talking about? People can't accept the Chiefs are better with 1 legged Mahomes and no WRs

  11. Open your eyes. You have the analysis skills of a bobble head. Bengals already beat the Chiefs with a healthy Mahomes. Refs won last night.

  12. I didn't even come in here last night. Holy shit people were mad we won. Fuck em!

  13. I'm a chiefs fan and any chiefs fans saying they wouldn't be super pissed is lying. Could they just add the seconds after the play it's not like that was affecting the play nor did it end up changing anything chiefs ended up losing yards with the do over.

  14. They didn't start the clock over, I was yelling at the TV. Why should I act like it was wrong? I hate chiefs fans simping in

  15. Bengals line held the majority of the game. They were obvious and largely allowed, due to the fact it wouldn’t have been much of a game. They were also over looked against buffalo. Feel free to watch the plays over, it’s super obvious. The holds that were called were just as obvious and impactful as the ones over looked. I don’t care who won, but this trend has been quite apparent.

  16. He also said he put election deniers on related committees because he wants all voices heard. So he endorses election denial.

  17. Once he realized that website was a fake news site he deleted the tweet and admitted it was a bad tweet.

  18. Admitting it was a bad tweet doesn't seem like an apology, not was his "nevertheless..." tweet. He's a pathetic loser

  19. There used to be a place that did all you can eat tacos, hard or soft, chicken or beef, substantial size too. And like 2$ dos equis too. They quit doing it though

  20. There's a thousand contests a day, why does this make it a great day opposed to any other day?

  21. It's true to the original. Invite some friends, get some beer and have a good time. And these days even in 4 player split screen everyone has the same screen size as I had with single player back in the N64 days.

  22. I said it was a blunder not having online. You made an excuse for Goldeneye, saying it's true to the original. But the spiritual sequel when released for Xbox 360 had online. So it seems like we are going backwards here. Did I really have to type that all out for you?

  23. She does, her base are some of the dumbest people on this planet however and probably won’t even really know what she’s referring to let alone that she’s lying.

  24. I dont know man, she said something a week or two ago "I will never a sign a bill..." and its like you don't sign bills

  25. Anyone know if they're playing songs from their whole discography? Or is it just Raging Wrath again?

  26. Bunny logo in the announcement, plus Scott Ian and Lombardo. It's a thrash show

  27. Same shit when Bungle did the 2020 shows. Fortunately I got tix when they announced a 3rd LA show which happened to to be their first show back.

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