1. I will hit 10000 blacks soon, but it's not English server. It's tough for me to hunt lots of black award in English server.

  2. Wonderful! and Royal Guards also coming? :3

  3. Yes, there's also Netero and exterminator team coming. I will share it if I get.

  4. Do u have the bug too that sometimes a Black or platinum award are not counted?

  5. I have it. If u see bronze with 1500gz just wait a minute. Other condition I have no condition.

  6. I saw a bronze with non English letter feliciation maybe it's a french, if you click yes it will ignore your medals. But if you wait you cam see the medals. I met your condition sometimes this game will ignore your awards and daily challenge on the ranking.

  7. Probably but kite didn't absorb enough nutrition so he/she can't be a king.

  8. Lol I can imagine the feeling of you finding this and looking for someone to share it with. That looks cool as shit, see if you can find a display/poster of the hands/arms and put this in front of it!

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