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  1. We have fake opms and zion herbal lucky 80s in the city I live in

  2. Are u very kava experienced? I mean..now? Have u tried much else? Was curious how this ranked with others

  3. Sorry, I was referring to Bics. I’m not familiar with Clippers, they aren’t common in the US.

  4. Clippers are everywhere. Most smoke shops have them

  5. It's part of the fun to figure out the encounters

  6. You are stunning and Your blue plugs are dope 🔥🔥

  7. More pvp and gambit maps. The rotation gets really boring.

  8. I call that a win. Damaged party gets reimbursed. Other party gets publicly shammed a bit.

  9. It's actually real stories. I had a family member go on one. They just make them artificially pump up the drama

  10. I would like to try their products. The owner seems like a good dude

  11. I like reviews and trying new vendors. Also just enjoy anything kratom related

  12. Why cut off the limbs. Doesn't seem logical?

  13. That's what I thought. Couldn't they just harvest the leaves

  14. These look fake. They would not send those in a shitty bag lol

  15. I thought seasons were supposed to be in the game for a year, not all be removed when the new DLC drops. I guess I thought when a new season comes the oldest one is removed

  16. Cookies has a blacklight on the end of the pen. You can use it on the box to verify it's real.

  17. I have a 5 year old DS4 controller. Still works fine. I have gone through two DualSense controllers with stick drift only after a few months use. Something is definitely wrong with the construction

  18. I agree my ps4 controllers lasted forever. It's for sure a problem with the new controller. I've been through 3 in a year.

  19. Sincere question - the nicotine in vape juice is derived from tobacco. Could there be a mutually beneficial relationship with the vaping industry here?

  20. Alot of the nicotine in juices are now synthetic

  21. Their rice krispies and caramels are also good. Doesn't leave any hempy flavor

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