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  1. Oh shit good point about the cat. I guess I really shouldn't be talking when it comes to drawing ability anyway, I still draw stick figures for Christ's sake.

  2. I remember my parents being called to the school in 2nd grade because I chose to draw stick figures instead of “normal” people 😅 my teacher told my parents I was stupid when really I just didn’t want to spend the time drawing people

  3. And here I am restarting season 2 and holding out for my LOVE, Kassam. Maybe this will be my chance for him to say my name 😭

  4. My question is, how do all of you have Gabi as an option when she left the Villa for me?

  5. Thank you for that excellent suggestion. My vet has recommended giving my dog green beans as a treat (she's allergic to protein, not fat). She's not a fan, but maybe dehydrating them would make the texture interesting to her.

  6. I give them to my dog frozen and she loves them, won’t eat them dehydrated or room temp, only frozen

  7. Ngl I imagined him making train noises 😂 just a little “chuga chuga CHOO CHOO!!”

  8. He’s who you end up talking to 99% of the time if you complain in app through the feedback tab

  9. What else are we supposed to do with this disaster if a season?

  10. He’s THE KING of LITG in my opinion I’m taking the money and running off with Miguel

  11. Tell me why I just opened the app and my sapphire rate is $14.99?

  12. I’m so glad I gave up before casa because I knew they were gonna pull some shit like this 😭

  13. I literally was so happy to have a seemingly happy friend in the villa on my first ever play through and when I tell you I cannot stand her to this day!

  14. Does the face art not remind anyone else of Kathryn Heigl?

  15. I had a gentleman come in to my bar Sunday night and was horrible to his server and was asked to quiet down after yelling and using profanities around other tables with children (were a sports bar/restaurant) and he came in and pulled the race card with my Mexican manager whose husband is black and daughter is mixed (in front of her husband sitting in the office) the way he shut up and left was honestly top tier 😅

  16. This episode might be my favorite! I quote it on a daily basis and the way Jensen looks at the camera like “you sick fucks did this” just KILLS me 😂😂

  17. I just checked and the story is actually still up on episode. I’ve personally helped by filing a complaint as well, but I don’t know if episode will do anything.

  18. S1: I would have liked to be able to romance Cherry 🍒 She was flames 🔥 and yet sorta full of herself and I would have liked to tell her off, then immediately do hate bits after 😩

  19. I agree 100% but I am curious, how do you get the user flairs?

  20. Go to the main page of this subreddit and then tap the three dots in the upper right corner. It should be an option there

  21. Well the first episode tells you everything you need to know.

  22. Lottie was the best gf for MC, Levi is and always will be TRASH and season 3 having seb be only a friend was the BIGGEST ATROCITY OF ALL

  23. Cynthia and Sam’s little tale made me so sad I didn’t even finish the season lowkey. First season of the show was kinda fun though

  24. I loved season 1 of the AU show, erin was my fav! (And tayla for the first few episodes)

  25. SAME OMG. Ngl until Grant pulled that snake move I was into it but that season was gaslight city as well, as far as that little love triangle goes.

  26. YES!!! Grant was the WORST! And tayla and Cassidy both deserved so much better than a guy with the last name “Crapp”

  27. Unrelated but I remember this picture from my childhood, could someone tell me what it’s from, please?

  28. THANK YOU!! I knew I remembered it but thought it might have been mighty med

  29. Just pick him at the stick or switch ceremony ❤️ Edit: he was my favorite in s2 (or Carl)

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