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  1. I like your method... I personally just looked at it as two transactions. $200 on the first and $200 on the second.

  2. idk wich people you get in your lobby with that skin but mine are always 100% accuracy snap on dropshot dudes.

  3. They have a patent for it. There is a comment earlier in the thread that highlighted the details.

  4. "FIG. 3D is a flow diagram illustrating a method of determining a player's skill level and modifying a degree of difficulty of a gameplay session based on the acquired skill level, in accordance with another implementation of the present specification;"

  5. You forgot one - The Ghost Goblin: Uses up every minute of a raid quietly scampering from cache to cache, avoiding all high traffic routes, filling every slot possible and extracting without encountering a single player.

  6. Imagine how shit a person's moral code must be to vandalize soda packages just for 2xp in a video game.

  7. Dump her. Dump her now. If she's 15 seconds a lap off pace and is mad you won't do a 1000 mile race with her, dump her and never look back.

  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wfla.com/community/holidays/it-was-super-mean-woman-takes-entire-buckets-of-halloween-candy-from-tampa-home/amp/

  9. i will choose to believe this woman has the face of an angel and not click that link

  10. You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish... or a gun. #dadjokes

  11. Imaging a world where we had a kill cam to watch that was accessable after the raid countdown ended.

  12. They legit used to have so many scavs. The maps are barren now cause the game is held together with sticks and Elmer's glue.

  13. AI is incredibly resource intensive in Tarkov. Until they completely rework the way AI works and how efficient it is, they will continue to keep dropping the number of AI to accommodate more raids per server.

  14. EA is coming out with a game next year that will include Augusta. They actually got rights to the majors, so the other majors will be in their game as well. Where as 2K only has rights to the PGA, so they have several of the PGA courses, players and the FedEx Cup.

  15. There is a user made Augusta that is really well made. Just search for "A Tradition Like No Other".

  16. At this point in the wipe, you might as well spend the money on a beret and moustache before buying level 3 armor.

  17. 2k21 had the exact same issue. It pisses me off that they still didn't fix it.

  18. Deaths like that make me want to desync my pc right out the window.

  19. You're prob one of the people who reports good players and cant tell the difference. I'd Report myself too if i was a timmy. "BLKScreenHAHA" sure gets to alot of people ;)

  20. If you haven't learned to avoid a wreck as easy as that one was to see coming, this game is going to be very hard for you.

  21. I've seen that play out many times except I'm the one that dies on the silent and invisable grenede.

  22. If someone shoots at me from a tree, I'm taking everything they brought in. I don't care if it's a toz and a tank helmet, they're mine.

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