1. Ah, DRM. Just a pain, especially since it doesn't work half the time and can be bypassed easily the other half.

  2. No, it's a postapocalyptic shooter. But it's not exactly not for kids, if you know what I mean. It's for everyone, in short.

  3. The article says an ink overflow system is full, and needs to be fixed, or the printer replaced.

  4. The article also says that you can fix it yourself, and that they could have made it even easier to do so.

  5. Printers come from hell and nobody can convince me otherwise.

  6. Honestly Mozart's variations are easy. On the other hand, "I can play the entirety of Ode To Joy" works

  7. I like it but John Money was libleft and laid the foundation for their gender ideology

  8. "Agent 5" is actually agent 3 because the original 3 is now the captain. Yes I know it's confusing. I'll call the old one 3 and the new one 3ii.

  9. Can relate to this as I am a Singaporean. Tho I think traditional chinese is much harder to write(台湾)

  10. I think its becayse i requested safer bot to be in my subreddit so i can ban users who post in r/ AgainstHateSubreddits to protect my community and my friends (you guys who are awesome)

  11. That's what the dozens of subs that banned me for making one comment in church of covid said (and only 6 even told me about it)

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