1. That transition from No Woman, No Cry to Kendrick Lamar's Alright is so beautiful and otherworldly.

  2. Definitely gonna see this in IMAX and Dolby when this comes out.

  3. Andrew Tate's SAO would be Kirito joining his Hustlers' University to become a sigma male to win Asuna's affection.

  4. i can’t help but giggle at the fact he still has his socks and shoes on. He was NOT expecting that at all

  5. He's lucky he still has his shirt intact albeit it's a bit shredded lol

  6. Hopefully Austin Butler. Elvis was an absolute hit and it’s unlikely the other movie will do as well. I constantly see on tiktok stories of people seeing it 10+ times in THEATERS. Austin worked so hard for this and it’s his first big role ever. Brendan has had his time already. Happy to see him make a comeback to acting but he has passed the peak of his career.

  7. I'm happy to see both Brendan and Austin become first time Oscar nominees. They both deserved it.

  8. Finally after 3 months Top Gun takes the top spot again on day 100!

  9. Top Gun Maverick’s box office run will surely be one for the books. Just an incredible run all around.

  10. Jennifer took a page out of Ultraseven’s book on using jeeps against people I see 🤭

  11. Oh my goodness. I know it didn't happen that way but his rant is hysterical when he fires Parker. I pretend it went down that way. "Security, security!"

  12. Elvis grabbing another mic to say "Security, security" just to put emphasis that he's just done with Parker's facade makes the scene feel tense, not only that, shows how capable he is of genuinely frightening anger.

  13. Agul and Gaia: suddenly turns into Anakin*

  14. I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

  15. No...but I loved this outfit and this scene in the movie. Didn't have to say a damn word and you could see how proud he was to show his parents and give his mama those keys. I get a big smile on my face when this part comes on.

  16. You could even say the wings on some of his jumpsuits were like the wings of a bird

  17. And the way he spreads them is like a bird spreading their wings to fly

  18. It all comes tumbling down to this….. like just WTF, man!?

  19. When Priscilla & Elvis were talking in the car at the end.. just so sad.

  20. Elvis mouthing I will always love you to Priscilla once he gets to the plane gets to me everytime I watch that scene. 😭

  21. I knew I recognized Gamma 2 the second he opened his mouth. Mamoru Miyano always kills it on humorous roles.

  22. Gamma 2 being voiced by Mamoru Miyano is brilliant!

  23. As a Gohan fan, our boi Gohan getting the spotlight he deserves! 🥲

  24. Happy Birthday Austin! ❤️ Can’t wait to see him fight Timmy in “Dune“ to be honest.

  25. Same here! As a fan of Dune, I can’t wait for his take on Feyd-Rautha.

  26. Have you watched him as Tex Watson on Once upon a time in Hollywood? He's pretty much a serial killer villian..it was a small but powerful role. Its actually what drew me into him before Elvis.

  27. Oh yes I have! For a small role, Austin Butler is pretty chilling in the screen time he has as Tex Watson. He got the chops!

  28. Reminds me of a great quote from director Samuel Fuller:

  29. Tops it off with Grigio saying Happy! and doing her signature pose as the kaiju explodes in the background.


  31. cue Wee-Man running in tighty whities and outrunning Preston

  32. Touhou but instead of playing the main girls they are instead replace with the ultras

  33. When Elvis is performing Trouble at Russwood Park, the montage of photographers taking pictures of him dancing on stage and how the way they're shot looks like replications of the real life photos.

  34. When he sings Polk salad and shove the mic in his mouth “…straight-razor totin’ women, lord have mercy, WHOMP”

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