1. You miss the person I was when I was with you. You don’t know the person I’ve become.

  2. That “marriage or break up” isn’t the only 2 outcomes. Sometimes it’s get married AND break up

  3. I don’t wear typical bras with underwire or even non-wore ones. I solely wear sports bras because it’s the most comfortable. I don’t even know what my actual bra size is because I haven’t worn a “real” bra since junior year of high school.

  4. First off, let me (24F) say I’m Atheist. I’m going as Dollar store Jesus. Ratty white robe, red corset, big gulp cup made into a big purse, fake beard, fluffy slippers, cross choker. And I’ll be handing out condoms all night.

  5. Honestly I know it may be generic but I just love Panera Bread’s Mac and cheese in a bread bowl.

  6. Man so many people love it and I’ve tried it twice and both times it was so salty I couldn’t eat it 😭

  7. Really!? That’s never happened to me. Did you try 2 different locations? And other than Panera, I can’t think of any other places that have Mac and cheese really as an entree for some reason 😂 actually… I think 54th street has a pretty good Mac and cheese but I last had it maybe 2 years ago so take my recommendation with a grain of salt… so to speak.

  8. I’ve experienced both of these. Married my high school sweetheart, because incredibly dependent on him for just about everything, and he asked me for a divorce on Christmas Eve. It put me into a major depression for several months.

  9. I have a lil routine that I’ve fallen in love with. I wake up, use the restroom, brush my teeth, then come out of the bathroom and the first words I speak every single morning no matter what is “good morning” to my 2 cats. Then I make a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast with some cold coffee, pull up whatever show I’m watching on my iPad, sit in my chair in my bedroom and enjoy my show, bagel, and coffee. After I’m done eating, I’ll play my daily Wordle, Sudoku, and mini NY Times crossword puzzle.

  10. 24F here. Just like women with short hair, there are certain women that can pull it off and certain women that just look better with longer hair. I’ve seen some guys with long hair and it looks like a disgusting grease pile and it’s super thin but then some men with gorgeous hair better than my own. Really just depends on the person and how much they actually care about their hair.

  11. I guess it depends more towards how its maintained huh

  12. That and potentially face shape and hair… quality? Like the thickness of it. Don’t wanna man that has “long hair” but actually looks like Gollum.

  13. How much progress I’ve made in the 9 months since my ex asked me for a divorce. And the fact that I did it all without a therapist.

  14. I’m seeing a lot of these answers are the commenters saying they realized something bad in their ex partner.

  15. I’m a natural blonde and super pale. I felt like the blonde washed me out a lot so I dyed it brunette. I’ve been brunette for 2 years now and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to blonde.

  16. There are a ton of restaurants in the Village on the Parkway area that are great! You can google where the area is. I personally like Lazy Dog, consistently good burgers.

  17. What subject we could fake teaching a whole semester for without being caught.

  18. depends... what is the setting? where did you go on said first date?

  19. Date has yet to be planned. Let’s assume casual cup of coffee. Nothing too serious.

  20. Usually some banter and hit some of the obvious compatibility and flag checks. Its largely just a meet and greet to determine interest on both sides.

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