1. Wait they deleted it and I’m so curious, can you tell me what the comment was that was debunked?

  2. This might sound like a dumb question but, should I be worried about edibles I bought from one of those stores? It’s wana gummies which I know most dispensaries sell

  3. Intentionally, Tyson and Courtney. Unintentionally, Coach and Dan Foley. Honorable mention to Tony.

  4. This is kind of a malicious way to think about a 14 year old...

  5. Wait OP deleted the comment can you fill me in on what she said? I’m too curious now lol

  6. Mike White drunk on the reward is still iconic to this day.

  7. I loved behind the scenes info it's tge reason I love Tysons podcast so much

  8. For as much shit as this sub gives Jeff, cmon how can anyone listen to this and not hear the clearly immense passion this man still has for this game. I get more excited about the show just listening to him talk about it.

  9. Depending on the age of the children the noise restrictions from a city, apartment, lease, or state will not supersede the federal housing act which protects parents from being persecuted due to the noise of their children.

  10. “Edit: I’m fucking wrong” made me laugh out loud. Hilarious and mature response 😂

  11. I love the live one with fans in the audience because I love hearing the applause and fan reactions to each vote. There’s something about that shared energy and enthusiasm that feels more epic

  12. This could be so cool if they divided players by which qualities ACTUALLY progressed them in their previous games

  13. I love 43 because of how great the cast was. I was way more invested in the players! Almost everyone post merge was very memorable.

  14. DvG I think even a lot of the early boots were interesting while they were around

  15. Tocantins is my favorite season and I always recommend it to new viewers

  16. Such a great season! I’ve rewatched a lot of seasons recently but haven’t seen tocantins in forever. Even if I don’t show my friend, this is making me want to re-watch myself!

  17. There are a bunch of groups online with some great people in them that love the show. I’ve met up with fans from all over the country through some online communities! Met my girlfriend through these survivor meet ups and am moving across the country to be with her in may! I totally get what you mean, but if you find the right place there are tons of amazing fellow survivor dorks out there!!

  18. Forgive my ignorance- what kind of survivor groups/communities are you talking about? Like how do I find them? A meetup seems super interesting

  19. In 2018, I met a woman who loves Survivor like I do. So I proposed in May 2022 during the RHAP Live event in New York City (Season 42 watch party) and we got married last August.

  20. Not sure exactly how intentional it was but Dom gives off major Boston Rob vibes. Tough guy Italian men with humble backgrounds who are seriously great at manipulating people and truly understand how to play the game. Arrogant and don’t get along with everyone in the game yet extremely likable from a fan perspective

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