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  1. Depending on what kind of surgery, you may not want rice,oatmeal, grits, or seeds of any kind because it can get into the surgical spot.

  2. I don't understand this fear of antibiotics. What do these people think will happen if they take them? I mean, I don't love the raging yeast infections antibiotics have caused me in the past, but I also think that's far easier treated than septicemia

  3. I take them when prescribed, but I am somewhat afraid of them after seeing a family member go through c. dif after an antibiotic course. But, I go to doctors who don’t prescribe antibiotics as standard.

  4. Meringues are quite a classic egg white recipe, bit complicated though I think (never tried to make them yet, I'm a little scared XD)

  5. Work past that fear! I am a pretty imprecise cook/baker and even I pull them off. I’ve also put cocoa powder in them to make chocolate ones and they are SO good. You can dip the bottoms in melted chocolate and they are so fancy.

  6. Maybe I will ^ I do occasionally try things I'm scared of (Palatschinken/Crepé was my cooking nemesis for a very long time, but then I realized they are actually quite easy, I just had kind of a block) I just need to be in the right headspace.

  7. Thanks! I’ll have to look up that video. I’m gluten intolerant and family members are allergic to dairy—macarons are gluten and dairy free. I want to make them for another alternative.

  8. My 15 year old still uses kid’s watermelon toothpaste. Mint flavors are weird—spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen make sense. Fresh Mint, Arctic Mint, and such are not as clear.

  9. Hummus with pickled red onions and crackers. Make big batches of it and eat it until I am over it. Then switch to pickled green bean salad and hard boiled eggs. Eat it far too many meals in a row.

  10. Going Iron Chef or Chopped style, what about a vinaigrette or sauce for chicken skewers or pork medallions?

  11. Let’s face it, it is the best damn thing to do for your sex life. You deserve the sweets!

  12. Very boring, but I like a sweeter tomato sauce, mozza/cheddar blend, with fresh broccoli cut small, chopped black olives and bacon. The broccoli chars and is a foil for the sweeter sauce.

  13. I’ve never tried searing beef hearts, the only organ meat I eat. I’ve chopped them very fine for use in tacos or sloppy joe, but otherwise I’ve only done them in soups and chili.

  14. I always thought you add honey to keep sugar from getting to hard crack stage because fructose crystalizes differently than sucrose.

  15. Oh, were you heating just the honey and once to temp adding in the other ingredients or mixing it all together and bringing to temp? Hard crack happens with almost pure sugar. So, having the 4:1 sugar to lemon juice will change the chemistry.

  16. There is such a thing as a fat separator. Looks like a measuring cup with a spout out the bottom. Put your juices in it and wait a minute or two for the fat to rise. Pour the bottom out until you reach the fat.

  17. Roasted whole beets, sliced, on a good bread turkey sandwich with horseradish mayo. Geez, I miss good bread.

  18. Do you mind if I ask why you have a problem with the “only good kids get presents” thing? I’m not a parent/haven’t really thought about it much, and I’m curious.

  19. We didn’t do the “naughty list” thing because no one is perfect. Sometimes you have rough days and it passes. Withholding presents because of one bad day a month before the holidays is just holding grudges.

  20. Sounds like they did the doctor if they are giving breathing treatments. Unless your doc tells you to put onions in your kid’s socks, you’re probably fine just saving them whole for your next burger.

  21. Seasonings. It is something I hate to budget for, but I love to use a gift card for them.

  22. I wash my stainless pans every time, with dish soap or dishwasher detergent. Been using them for 25 years.

  23. I use almond or coconut milk in place of the milk. I generally keep unsweetened because I use for both sweet and savory.

  24. I’ve reused oil from deep frying, but never pan frying. You keep it in the refrigerator and, at least for me, don’t reuse it if you did meat in it.

  25. No, but sounds interesting. I got a small smoker tube and have been trying to decide what to try it out on.

  26. yeah, maybe u could do a test one first to see if it stays waterproof thru a few washings. happy crafting!

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