1. Some soap actors are really good at tearing up and crying.

  2. Here’s what I don’t get: Dominique was objectively a Good Person, right? Like yes she was naive and had issues but if she had a kid that she knew existed she would have provided for said child in her will. The fact that she only provided for Serena shows she didn’t know about Cody? Or thought he was dead? I feel like they’re gonna have her be Nina 2.0?

  3. Yeah, I'm not buying what they are trying to sell us. It makes no sense. Dominique wanted to have a child so badly with Scott. She knew she wouldn't live long enough to even carry the baby so she asked Lucy to carry the baby for them. I remember watching that tear jerker of a s/l. It was so sad but so good. Does that sound like a woman who would do nothing for her child even if she couldn't raise him?

  4. Exactly!! I remember that storyline too and was pissed as hell for Dominique and Scotty! They both finally found happiness and were chilled out! But it gave Lucy an interesting arc and I was into that.

  5. Yes, I think that was Lucy's redemption. Kinda sorta😉😄

  6. Something about her has always been so off putting to me, like I know she can actually sing, but I remember not liking her on American Idol. And yeah no one should touch Celine, her Mariah Carey and Whitney do not need to be covered. Ok I’ll maybe allow Jennifer Hudson to cover Whitney, but that’s it.

  7. Spinelli was a stoner hacker when he first showed up in PC and you practically needed an interpreter to understand what he was saying. He talked like surfer dude Spicoli- Sean Penn's character in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

  8. Okay for the longest time I was like “why the fuck is Diana on this show?” She doesn’t need the money, she’s already well connected.

  9. I start watching OC just about from the beginning I think.. it was so long ago. I don't remember why I started watching but I was hooked.

  10. My dream is to see Leisl and Gladys in cahoots- over what I don't know but I'm sure they would make me laugh.

  11. Why does Lisa Rinna so often dress like a tube of clearance holiday lipgloss at the CVS.

  12. You know what I'm kinda realizing? We are missing moments and scenes of showing just how calmly funny Crystal is. Like not extravagant in behavior, she's just dry and funny.

  13. At the end of the episode Crystal and Sutton laughing and looking like they were genuinely having fun. I would rather have heard what they were saying.

  14. What happened to the assassin of the internet? He should be searching the dark web for dirt on Cody and using it to get him to back off.

  15. I've always liked Spinelli, too. He is a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, the character is the Rodney Dangerfield of Port Charles. The guy gets no respect.

  16. Sutton was 100 percent right. And Rinna going on about how it was inappropriate to bring Harry into it had no problem bringing him into it over frikkin sauce. She just hates being shown up to be a massive hypocrite.

  17. Right. It was the sauce silliness that started the whole thing.

  18. When these polls come down to the final two I read "I want ____________ to win!" in Gizelle's voice. "I want Ray to live! and I enjoy it immensely.

  19. That one quote alone makes me wanna watch all of RHOP again it's too good

  20. I love Gizelle and Karen. They are both funny. They are equally matched. They are both confident. They go at each other but it always seems a little tongue in cheek- never too deep or dark.

  21. Teresa was happy with her big Jersey hair on her big day. That's all that matters

  22. Absolutely!!! It looked terrible to most of us but if she liked it, I love it. Same goes for her new husband, I don’t know that man. He seems to make her extremely happy though and i think it’s real for him too. All I want is for everyone to be happy and live their best life.

  23. Close my Etsy shop, fulfill my remaining orders and wonder what to do with all my leftover supplies.

  24. Ehhh… opinions differ. The hair was wild yes. But I do think she looked beautiful. And I don’t doubt the extensions cost a lot they were super long and probably real hair. I’ll say it forever .. the womens consistent. She loves her a tiara And wild hair. Her first wedding - her vow renewal and now this wedding. All the same look lol

  25. Each wedding the hair got higher and the tiara got bigger. She lived her fairy princess wedding dreams every time. Good for her.

  26. I can’t believe she would allow sparklers anywhere near that head of hair!

  27. https://giphy.com/gifs/8Flr6Y6qfcXqKTjCEq

  28. Tap water filtered through a Pur faucet filter.

  29. Yes, I like it. I've been drinking it for years so to me it really doesn't have any taste. I think there are some Pur filters that add minerals to the water but I use the plain filters.

  30. Can’t believe this is the only instance of Ring and Run! I grew up on Long Island - never knew it by any other name until Beavis & Butthead lol

  31. Any guesses or info on how much the wedding cost? I can't even guess.

  32. More overused than used lightly but lately everything is 'stunning'.

  33. I've been married 37 years and, as I jokingly tell people, we still like each other. Life has been hard sometimes but being married hasn't been. That's not to say we haven't wanted to ring each other's necks at time. I'm no Pollyanna.

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