1. High sparrow know mountain is going to bitch slap whoever he going to choose as his champion.

  2. Olenna is the only worthy one imo. She is a badass women who can go toe to toe with tywin lannister (another badass). Rest of them are not that good with scheming in my opinion. If i want some kingsguard material maybe brienne and arya (with season 6-8 plot armor)

  3. "By long tradition, the elder speaks first. Hear my Thu'um! Feel it in your bones. Match it, if you are Dovahkiin!" Not just my favourite character in skyrim but my favourite character in all the games i ever played

  4. Parthurnax…I hate the blades quest, never wanted to kill him

  5. Bro thats just a katana, you gotta get your head out of Lordran and into Ashina.

  6. Frayed blade reference is on point considering how similar the weapon art is to ashina cross

  7. Oh the one before you fight the Drunkard? I find him easier to fight than the Massanga one cause Massanga one uses ako sugar (which doesnt expire for him wtf) and his hits hurt a lot after that.

  8. How long does it legitimately take to beat isshin (or demon of hatred as one of the comments above says) if you weren’t allowed to get any of the learning that the game gives up to that point? Can’t imagine that nightmare..

  9. Demon of hatred is possible if you have already experience with bloodborne or dark souls or any souls like games but isshin will be almost impossible if you don't have exp in sekiro combat

  10. Everything is fun until fromsoft makes mistnoble hardest boss even in patch 1.07

  11. Only time he got impressed or felt happy was after killing emma because he turned into a shura and enjoyed killing like a psychopath

  12. I never cancelled a date for skyrim but i skipped lot of classes during my school days for playing skyrim

  13. Yes I have. And you can entirely do the fight with just the Lightning that spawns. So there isn't any true way to say that Sekiro did in fact deflect Divine dragon

  14. Well if you can do it in the game then sekiro is capable of that.. Bro what's your point

  15. My point being that Sekiro doesn't necessarily have to block or deflect The divine dragon. Just because you can do it in the game doesn't mean that it's really how the fight happened, because by that logic Vergil can just spam Judgement Cut End and never allow Sekiro do anything. In your own words "Gameplay can't be taken as canon for such comparisons"

  16. I didn't talk anything about vergils ability in beating sekiro why you keep bringing this shit. My point is sekiro is not just a shinobi,but a person capable of super human feets. deflecting and even tanking hits from divine dragon sword is not just gameplay feets . You wont see protagonist doing things which are not capable by him in anygame. This is different to player struggling against an ape boss which is just a lack of skill from player side and have nothing to do with wolfs ability.

  17. Well I don't have firecrackers so I think I'll try the medium brain one

  18. You should definitely buy it from the merchant you beat after gyobu. Its the second best prosthetic tool imo

  19. Damn my nostalgia is so strong when it comes to skyrim. i can't wait to play tes vl to enjoy yet another fresh experience through tamriel. come on save us todd howard our lord and saviour.

  20. Personally love orin of waters and all drunkards except juzo (fuck his army of minions). Seven spears and all general type bosses are fun. I hate every other minibosses in this game especially long shadow guys with their stupid fucking camera angles, ogres with laughable tracking and hitboxes.

  21. If invaders run and hide behind enemies you can use an item called "seed of a giant " which will make enemies to turn hostile to the invader. You can get this item from the tree outside fire link shrine

  22. To be honest if you can't stand long run to the bosses, ds2 will be a rough game for you. There are some annoying ass boss runs but all of them are optional bosses.so if you just wish to complete the main story you wont have much trouble. But sadly some of the optional bosses are also the best bosses in the game so you will be tempted to do the hellish runback to fight that boss because the boss fight is cool as fuck but the boss run is hell.

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