1. I would prefer at least tier 80 but I’d be willing to work with lower tier

  2. I’ve only done mage but it definitely looks like enough for me but you should always make your overloads into at least holy overloads

  3. If you need help doing ed2/3 I can help you with that I’ve only done ed1 a couple times so I can’t remember how to do it, I could teach you if you would like the help.

  4. Never tried 2v2 but played 1v1 if you want to try we could try out a couple games

  5. First boss is very easy once you learn the 2 mechanics, second boss is a bit trickier solo

  6. Animate dead for second boss and soul split flicking with debilitate for the bloats is fine

  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/MultiVersusTheGame/comments/w37hr9/heres_how_to_play_local_multiplayer/

  8. I have 99 hunter but that is my only stat I could use for Croesus is that good enough?

  9. Do you have a full Trapper outfit for hunter boost? A tracker aura? and A magic Butterfly net?

  10. You can always do elite dungeons it’s slower xp but it’s a lot more enjoyable it’s how I got 99.

  11. If you’re on anti psychotics, steer clear of any serotonergic drugs. The anti psychotics will completely kill any fun you have and work to block the same receptors most psychedelics act on. You are literally psychotic on psychedelics, and the drugs you’re taking rn do the exact opposite.

  12. Your not psychotic on psychedelics I’ve used them and I know what psychosis is, it’s not the same

  13. No, lmao way too many unpredictable interactions. No one can guarantee anything about that

  14. https://runescape.wiki/w/Powder_of_burials

  15. I checked on there it said it would work but I also read an old Reddit post saying that it doesn’t work just wanted clarification

  16. you should at least have budget perks on your gear.

  17. How much will that cost me I’ve been doing ed2 because right now it’s the most fun for me plus it’s a decent amount of gp/hr I only have 70m left after buying the seismic wand and I want to still have some spare gp left.

  18. Your bar is more or less optimal. One big thing you might want to change is moving combust further down as everything you fight in the Ambassador encounter doesn’t move. However, if you were to follow a combust with Shock on the spinners to triple the bleed damage that could make up for some big DPS. I think it will be tough to effectively handle the spinners solely on revo on mobile but should be doable with practice.

  19. This is why they cut the boss hp in half. The abilities desync so easily. Ive had it where the star refused to spawn till the hole was almost gone

  20. Sometimes it dosent spawn at all lol astellaran is very weird and buggy

  21. If you are still taking people, I would like someone to teach me ED3, doing it in a duo sounds good.

  22. I could just not today just had a really bad panic attack and am trying to calm down

  23. I want to do it just for the quest Curse of the Black Stone. Maybe you could look at my gear too and tell me what I’m doing wrong.

  24. I think it would be cool for there to be some way to bring back house parties so, something like gaining xp or other bonuses for participating in activities at other peoples poh.

  25. Go to world 2 ge and trade it to another player just make sure you double check both trade screens and look up the accurate price to make sure you don’t get scammed. They will probably trade you cash and spirit shards.

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