1. Do you even know how traction control works? If there is a speed difference between the two wheels, traction control will kick in. That’s what it’s for. So of course it will turn on during a wheelie… Just turn it off.

  2. No, i didn’t know how it worked. It just came with the bike. Per previous comments though I’m now aware that TC was the problem and I’m able to turn it off.

  3. ABS doesn't care. Traction control does though.

  4. The only thing I can think of as far as the noise you're hearing is sometimes if I let my chain get too loose when I first go to wheelie it I'll get a little bit of chain slap but nothing else really comes to mind on what the noise can be. That's a badass bike that's tough as hell you shouldn't have to worry too much about it change the oil and ride the hell out of it.

  5. What kind of helmet do you have? The type of helmet could be the cause. Do you have a chin protector? (At least that’s what I think it’s called) I have a chin protector that came with my helmet (RF-1400) and it helps with not fogging up the helmet and things like that. Also, do you have any vents on your helmet, specifically a mouth vent? This could also help with the fog by keeping the vent open or closed depending on the type of day/ride

  6. I have a 2020 cbr650r, and you'll notice it will want to fly past 8,000 rpm.

  7. It may not be much but a homeless man saw me on my bike while he was walking across the street and he stopped, looked at me, looked at the bike, and gave a very firm and meaningful thumbs up lol gave one right back to him, made my day.

  8. I don't have an answer for you however I wonder what drives your decision to do doordash on this bike? Comparing to something like a scooter it's heavy, hard to do uturn, 4.7L/100km. I can't see how you would come out on top doing delivery with this bike.

  9. Ive already delivered some on this bike, it’s not really heavy, very maneuverable, no problems at all. At least for me, I’m 6’4 190lbs, so maybe to a smaller rider it may be a bit of a heavy bike.

  10. Just based off my personal experiences. Work out and lose weight. I had the same issue of sweating terribly being outside in just my street clothes. Lost some fluff and the heat doesn't effect me as much anymore. I live in Texas for reference. So summers here 98+.

  11. This is genuinely great advice but the only problem is I’m skinny as shit, always have been, and even as a kid I’ve always over heated, hated gym class in school because afterwards I’d have to sit in the rest of my classes drenched in sweat. I may have a medical condition lol gotta get that checked out

  12. Ride safely my friend, when I got my first bike it was bigger than what I was supposed to ride as a beginner (a VFR800 but with ABS which saved my bacon a couple of times by now).

  13. Thank you for the advice, definitely plan on taking it easy until I feel comfortable

  14. It’s in a crate at the dealership until spring 😅

  15. Stupidly Quick, Underdressed and Imminently Dead

  16. Well, ya see here, ya got yer cagers, ya got yer ATGATTs, and ya got yer squids. The cagers'll try n' kill ya if yer not careful, and are they're probably the most boring of the three. The ATGATTs probably have some sort of BDSM/gimp kink, and often have a stick so far up their ass that they don't have to worry about spinal injury.

  17. Thank you for the info! Now I won’t seem like such a noob lol (probably something only a noob would say lol)

  18. Just passed my MTC (Motorcycle Training Course) this weekend, in CA it waives the drive test at the DMV so now all I gotta do is hit the DMV and take the written test and I’ll be hittin the road! Just got my bike delivered over the weekend as well. Happy to see others gettin into bikes as I am 💯 (my class used Triumphs)

  19. I literally just financed a bike today (2022 Honda CBR650R ABS) they wouldn’t hand over the papers to me or let me leave with the bike until I got the insurance. Spent another 2 hours calling around looking for good quotes. Finally got it though! I’m in California though so it may be different state by state but I was required to get the insurance first.

  20. Hey, WhereTheMoneyAtBoy. Thanks for contributing! Unfortunately your

  21. Purchase advice superthread doesn’t even exist, when I click on it it says to create community, I just wanted some good suggestions and now my post is deleted and I have no where to ask these questions smh

  22. Do you play an instrument while you sing? Are you playing this instrument and singing live, but when in the studio doing them separate? I know people who have a hard time doing the latter and play guitar or whatever as they sing when they record.

  23. I do a little of both, I sometimes do live shows with no instruments, and some with instruments (keyboard and guitar) same for the studio. Maybe I should try being more consistent in either playing with or without an instrument in the studio

  24. It's not the quality of the mic but the comfort in allowing you to deliver a performance.

  25. I honestly never thought about it like that before. That actually makes sense. Thank you

  26. Without a Paddle is a movie that’s actually a documentary

  27. Always learn your favorite songs, even if they’re simple, because it keeps the joy flowing.

  28. It's a simple answer, from my point of view: you should always learn your favorite songs. It doesn't matter the difficulty, easy up to difficult, just learn songs that you love that inspire you and make you want to practice. While I am a big fan of developing technique, it sounds like your guitar teacher may be too focused on it. The only way you will be able to maintain regular practice routines for the years to come is by learning stuff you actually want to learn. You have to be careful not to take on things that are so far beyond your technique that they only lead to frustration and failure, but on the other hand, you don't get better and to a very advanced level unless you take on difficult repertoire. Try to discern between 'difficult' & 'currently impossible with my current skill set'. Usually people tend to underestimate themselves, in my experience as a guitar teacher for the last 23 years. Based on the things you listed that you practice regularly, and assuming you have a basic proficiency with them, I doubt there is much you can't learn.

  29. “Try to discern between ‘difficult’ & ‘currently impossible with my skill set’”

  30. I glanced over that part somehow. I apologize, thank you for not being a complete dick about my mistake like most Redditors. I still want to point out though that the majority of Americans who are pro choice have no desire to carry out an abortion that late unless medically necessary. If your aborting babies that late “just because” then yeah your a piece of shit who needs to be charged with murder.

  31. Whether the people agree or not the views on abortion are splitting drastically. Majority of Americans understand medical necessary and ectopic. But the more science has discovered about unborn babies the more the views have been shifting more towards pro life. Another thing that pushes people from middle of the road to pro life is when Dem governors like Northam call for making post birth abortions legal. You have woman cheering multiple abortions and talking how the first one was the best one. Now the argument they are using is that why bring a child into the world to suffer? So because someone suffers they don’t deserve life. Who determines how much suffering is too much? Pro lifers understand the pro choice stance but you all don’t understand ours. We are fighting for babies who can’t fight for themselves. Your side is fighting for actions without consequences.

  32. Dude, I’m not on any side, and I do understand your side, I’m not sure what about my statement made you feel like I didn’t understand your side of things or that I belong to a political party, I don’t, both sides say dumb shit 🤷‍♂️ you giving me that information is cool I guess but i think your giving it to the wrong guy

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