1. Do you play an instrument while you sing? Are you playing this instrument and singing live, but when in the studio doing them separate? I know people who have a hard time doing the latter and play guitar or whatever as they sing when they record.

  2. I do a little of both, I sometimes do live shows with no instruments, and some with instruments (keyboard and guitar) same for the studio. Maybe I should try being more consistent in either playing with or without an instrument in the studio

  3. It's not the quality of the mic but the comfort in allowing you to deliver a performance.

  4. I honestly never thought about it like that before. That actually makes sense. Thank you

  5. Without a Paddle is a movie that’s actually a documentary

  6. Always learn your favorite songs, even if they’re simple, because it keeps the joy flowing.

  7. It's a simple answer, from my point of view: you should always learn your favorite songs. It doesn't matter the difficulty, easy up to difficult, just learn songs that you love that inspire you and make you want to practice. While I am a big fan of developing technique, it sounds like your guitar teacher may be too focused on it. The only way you will be able to maintain regular practice routines for the years to come is by learning stuff you actually want to learn. You have to be careful not to take on things that are so far beyond your technique that they only lead to frustration and failure, but on the other hand, you don't get better and to a very advanced level unless you take on difficult repertoire. Try to discern between 'difficult' & 'currently impossible with my current skill set'. Usually people tend to underestimate themselves, in my experience as a guitar teacher for the last 23 years. Based on the things you listed that you practice regularly, and assuming you have a basic proficiency with them, I doubt there is much you can't learn.

  8. “Try to discern between ‘difficult’ & ‘currently impossible with my skill set’”

  9. I glanced over that part somehow. I apologize, thank you for not being a complete dick about my mistake like most Redditors. I still want to point out though that the majority of Americans who are pro choice have no desire to carry out an abortion that late unless medically necessary. If your aborting babies that late “just because” then yeah your a piece of shit who needs to be charged with murder.

  10. Whether the people agree or not the views on abortion are splitting drastically. Majority of Americans understand medical necessary and ectopic. But the more science has discovered about unborn babies the more the views have been shifting more towards pro life. Another thing that pushes people from middle of the road to pro life is when Dem governors like Northam call for making post birth abortions legal. You have woman cheering multiple abortions and talking how the first one was the best one. Now the argument they are using is that why bring a child into the world to suffer? So because someone suffers they don’t deserve life. Who determines how much suffering is too much? Pro lifers understand the pro choice stance but you all don’t understand ours. We are fighting for babies who can’t fight for themselves. Your side is fighting for actions without consequences.

  11. Dude, I’m not on any side, and I do understand your side, I’m not sure what about my statement made you feel like I didn’t understand your side of things or that I belong to a political party, I don’t, both sides say dumb shit 🤷‍♂️ you giving me that information is cool I guess but i think your giving it to the wrong guy

  12. I’ve performed a lot over the years and till this day I get nervous as fuck right before I go onstage, but for some unknown magical reason, the moment my foot touches the stage I feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be. Like I’ve never had stage fright or anything like that, never really been shy, so it’s odd to me that I’m always nervous before a show, even more so odd because I know for a fact that I have no reason to be nervous because the moment I touch the stage it goes away. I guess I’m saying this to that it’s probably a natural thing to get nervous before a performance. But after a while you begin to know yourself a bit better and become more comfortable.

  13. Surely you didn't just suggest that. Sharing factual information isn't justification for anything. If that's the narrative that works best for you, then by all means embrace it. As for an "endgame", I'd say it was to add perspective to this entire post. Slavery was an equal opportunity enterprise. Do a bit of research and you'll find that there were hundreds of black slave owners in every southern state. Some were even former slaves themselves. Many were considered "successful", owning 50 or more slaves. So please hit me with more innuendo.

  14. But see the thing is, there was a VERY, I’d even say EXTREMELY low amount of blacks in America who owned slaves, and it is ALSO noted that a lot of blacks who did own slaves DID NOT treat their slaves in the same manner that white men did. It has been recorded that a lot of the time when blacks bought slaves they bought them as a way to actually free them or a form of employment. Blacks would actually “hire” other blacks to work ALONGSIDE them. Meaning when a free black needed help on the farm or something of that nature, if he had the money, he could purchase a slave, freeing him from the harsh conditions of traditional slavery, while also employing the slave and or giving them shelter. It was VERY rare for slaves to be treated as actually slaves from their black slave owners. This comment is literally pushing the narrative “well every one did it, so its not just a white people thing” when in actuality the numbers do NOT equate at all. It’s damn near a straw man argument to bring up black slave owners when the topic of slavery arises. A lot of people are aware there were black slave owners, seems like even more people are completely unaware of why though. Your comment came across as you trying to deflect white people being the VAST majority of slave owners. There were literally people like you who spread the myth that only 1.6 % of the southern population owned slaves which has long been proven to be completely false. your response to anything about slavery is “well they did it to” is just odd

  15. I have the same observations as you, and I too am very confused by all of this. The right vs left arguments have always been weird to me, half of the time the left and right want the exact same thing but they communicate it so terribly that both sides believed they are mortal enemies. All while the people each side elects as their leaders are probably on a golf course together somewhere having a beer and a laugh

  16. I personally think Miracle Whip is superior to Mayo. Could be controversial.

  17. I 100% agree with you. But as a life long miracle whip guy I can tell you that we are definitely in the minority lol

  18. This literally happened to me but the other way around. She moved in her chair and a fart sound came from it and she immediately went into defense mode lol I knew it was the chair but it was fun seeing her brain scramble for a legitimate sounding explanation, she tried so hard to make the chair reproduce the sound 😂

  19. everything everywhere all at once.

  20. I just watched this movie like a week ago and although I wouldn’t say it was a terrible movie, both my girlfriend and I agreed that it seemed more like a Netflix film rather than something to be shown in theaters, and this was the first movie I thought of when I saw this post. The concept of the movie was really cool, I just think they drug it out way longer than it needed to be and didn’t really tap into the full potential of the storyline. In fact, I think it would make a great tv series rather than a single film.

  21. I wouldn’t say I’m an atheist but I’m not religious at all either. I haven’t been presented with enough evidence on either side to make a firm stance so I’m just a sit back and watch what happens kind of guy when it comes to religious stuff. I definitely lean more toward the atheist side of things though to be clear.

  22. I’d rather have trouble sleeping than trouble staying awake. At least if your not sleeping you can still be productive and active in society. Where as if you have trouble staying awake you won’t be able to do basic things. Walk outside, drive a car, work a job Etc.. you may eventually go crazy from sleep deprivation from trouble sleeping but at a certain point your body shuts itself down, so you’ll get your rest eventually and reboot.

  23. I was tricked into eating alligator, tasted exactly like chicken, but, better. I was also bribed with $100 to eat Escargot 🐌. Both of these instances stemmed from my mom wanting me to try new foods lol

  24. Escargot is pretty nice though, right??

  25. The escargot wasn’t bad, but it’s one of those foods that I probably wouldn’t order myself, but if someone offered it to me I wouldn’t turn it down. The Aligator was really good, but I think that’s mostly because of the person who cooked it lol

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