Indigenous Americans Visiting Mount Rushmore

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  1. How about no. The internet has enough stupid shit being filmed.

  2. in multiple more recent comments i have stated multiple times that i am currently planning on calling next time i see it

  3. My god LMAO this thread is hilarious with you "planning" like it takes a ton of prep and thought to just get some fucker's car towed for parking in the wrong spot. Why does it take "contemplating" or "consideration" for a lowlife that blocks disabled spots?

  4. This seems like a weird correlation. I doubt most men actually post shit online since it's a pretty niche audience. And I'm sure many of them have behaved like this, not understanding that rejection is a part of life, well before Andrew Tate.

  5. For the finale, you send her a photo of all the eaten food reminence and…. With your dick in the picture.

  6. maybe 2 out 10 people who use cloud storage are using it for that reason. And that's a REALLY heavy assumption. If you want you can put your NAS running your cloud storage at your grandma's if that REALLY suits your fancy. What you are saying is unrealistic. ALSO if your data that you MUST not lose in a flood is so VALUABLE you probably wouldn't store it with google anyways.

  7. Okay smartass. I'm sure you have it all figured out on

  8. I do thanks and it works very well tbh. I appreciate your obviously genuine confidence. :)

  9. Given I run a company "cloud" aka work at one of AWS's partners in Switzerland that's not just confidence - it's expertise. There's a reason these things cost millions to be maintained.

  10. Most of these don’t get smooth when melted, they get weird and greasy. You need an emulsifier like sodium citrate

  11. Yeah how dare they push their anti-vegan rhetoric. /s

  12. Where do you get to idea that in "most places" that's the case? I get you think you have a noble cause but start by recognizing that the US has a fucking mental health problem more than anything else. It's sickening how 90% of your lives are taken over by politics and hatred and you have more gun injuries than any country with even similar rates of gun ownership.

  13. All countries have mental health issues, no other developed country has more guns than people

  14. Somehow you guys have about 4x the number of guns than some pretty developed nations yet you manage to have up to 10x the gun deaths per capita. 🤔

  15. Thank the lord with have such a health and culture expert like you to weigh in on the subject. Please share your background that makes you an expert.

  16. I'm not a fat, lonely, uncultured swine.

  17. What does the wife have to do with this?

  18. "My mom didn't believe in lying to children" I can guarantee that's bullshit. Like, celebrate Christmas whichever way you like but taking the moral highground over it is stupid. Whichever side you stand on.

  19. Without knowing anything about OP's mother what exactly makes you entitled to assume this?

  20. Every parent lies to their children at one point or another. Small or big doesn't matter.

  21. Remember January 6th? Remember the Trump administration putting children in literal cages? Remember them separating families? Remember Trump killing innocent middle eastern civilians with drone strikes? Remember when Trump still refuses to concede the election even to this day?

  22. I remember all that. But I don't see a single mention of Trump or politics in this thread until you brought it up.

  23. I still disagree. Sitting in a car doesn't warrant an insult the same way walking doesn't.

  24. How do you do super/subscript? I can never remember how to format text

  25. You can do superscript by putting a ^ before the word. Reddit uses markdown so all the base formats are supported. Don't think Reddit's markdown supports subscript though.

  26. Put the ^ sign before it to superscript. Not sure how to subscript.

  27. Don't think Reddit's markdown supports it.

  28. "well they have these rules for a reason and you should know, don't go breaking trouble" - (supposedly lib right )

  29. Because ER can’t do anything about a bad bruise. You just wait for it to heal.

  30. Okay, cool. And if something happened that could cause long-term damage you as the self-taught doctor cannot diagnose or treat, you just live with it?

  31. Why did he go to the ER though

  32. Seems a rather barbed gift in any case. How would you use it without offending your other children?

  33. By seeing it as the joke it is meant to be as long as you don't take it seriously.

  34. I don't agree. It could just be random coloring to add some flair.

  35. A photo of three people standing in front of Mount Rushmore with their middle fingers held high in the air toward the famous monument has been circulating online, and as might be expected, it is causing quite a stir among people who are outraged by what has been described as "unpatriotic" behavior.

  36. I would understand if they were putting them on flags Cuz that's a crime but armbands.?

  37. Why is the flag a crime? Freedom of expression should be a thing.

  38. I mean putting symbols over flag is a crime. Like grabbing flag of your country and putting symbols on it.

  39. Avant > sportback > coupè > sedan > convertible > wheel chair > SUV

  40. The sedan shape wants to have a word with you sir.

  41. You're technically correct, but I agree with

  42. Well, technically with good planning you can add features independently and have them all out in the next release.

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