1. Bush's baked beans. Not an entire meal but that side ruins any dish for me. Fuck those beans.

  2. Okay, so I'm from the Mid-Atlantic which may influence this but to me they are peecans if you're eating just the nut, but it is a pecaaaan when baked in a pie.

  3. From Texas here and I personally say it both ways, completely interchangeably (I said what I felt at the time, if that makes sense) and I never thought to take notice if others do the same as you. I probably look like a fool if this is some widely-known "thing" and I have just been that oblivious to it. That also wouldn't surprise me.

  4. Watch out parents, he's been holding a grudge for all the time outs

  5. I don’t always stop breathing and scream myself awake, but when I do I shit myself

  6. can’t get to work/school/activities via public transit or walking/biking.

  7. This is accurate beyond belief. I currently can't drive and get a ride to work. No public transit or Uber of any kind. It sucks.

  8. Where else are kids going to see some of the best cinematic dick jokes, Garfield?

  9. See you probably didn't have the big suitcase that you put all of your smaller suitcases in

  10. hey its that guy who almost killed his friend and also filmed a sexual assault for youtube

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