1. I never realized the fact that that freaky grin never leaves his face. I am now afraid.

  2. They won't be top tier or anything, but I'll definitely play it, and it had better get a summoning animation.

  3. I honestly love both. The heavy shading on a lot of the old cards gives the game a darker, more sinister feel, but I also love the newer cards because they have so much more detail in them!

  4. I don't know whether this would be healthy or not. I mean it's a great idea and all, but I don't know if it will be healthy for me. Giving me unlimited attempts at daytime EoL that doesn't at least include breaks where I'm forced to gather more lacewings just sounds like a portal to infinite gamer rage.

  5. I always imagined them tasting like water + the corresponding color of that awful kool-aid powder that gets sold in grocery stores.

  6. Mariah? Who tf is Mariah? That's just the "boob weapon in the YouTube thumbnail" character /j

  7. They're the "send us to the US, and we'll have it solved in a week" guys.

  8. Ay man just manipulate the thing you saw in the future to your own benefit, see yourself getting stabbed? Put a book behind it so you don't actually get stabbed, you just see yourself getting stabbed while the book is behind it!

  9. Hey, noticed you've been making these on Card Conjurer, a site which no longer works. Here's the link to a really good Source Forge Editor.

  10. Id love to see a comic about someone trying to ash Paleozoic Opabinia

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