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  1. Their old executive board pushed over a billion in buy backs, never settled any debt or put forward a vision.

  2. Maybe he wanted, but the board didn't want to sell. There's no short term catalysts, except for the negative one - offering.


  4. He sold ALL his shares. Do you guys even know how to read SEC Fillings?

  5. If bad news comes out, I’m pretty sure people would find a way to spin it into a “bullish news”. That’s pretty much what happened when RC sold; theories about him selling to avoid “insider trading when he acquires bbbaby came out.”

  6. Sentiment doesn’t matter. The only things that matter are the market mechanics that will force shorters to pay up.

  7. I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter what the news is as long as it isn't bankruptcy.

  8. The news is 90% about Baby. All the DD points to this. So that is already not bad. Imo The only question that remains is which of the proposed scenarios RC and BBBY implemented - sale of Baby, spinoff or Full sale of the company? Imo spinoff is most likely, but i personally think a buyout will happen.

  9. They didn't do a share offering because they clearly had a much better plan already in progress. We'll finally find out tomorrow!

  10. Especially that they knew Cohen will sell, and it will crush the stock Price.

  11. Why do I feel like I'm going to be disappointed tomorrow? Like a gut feeling of a red day? Hope I'm wrong.

  12. I think it's the price drop and fear that made you feel like this.

  13. more realistically a premium would be like 25-50% plus on the current shareprice, so 13-17 usd a share.

  14. I agree, but BBBY valuation/market cap is disconnected from reality. So i'd expect a premium of 50-100% from the average share price that Cohen paid for his shares.

  15. If it gets bought out for 35, can anyone explain how that works? All my shares that I have purchased all turn to 35 bucks each? Obviously you would have had to purchase them before the big announcement and how fast would I get the money lol

  16. It would jump to 35$ (or jump to a price just below 35$) almost instantly.

  17. 350% gap, now that's the kind of gap I like!

  18. Yes! I need some minutes of rest, most exciting two weeks in markets of my life

  19. Most exciting two weeks in markets of your life SO FAR. See you on monday!

  20. Bro i'll go straight to the point - no, it's not fucking realistic.

  21. There was deep speculation on that topic. Dragonfly is, according to the DD, the most likely acquirer IF there will be an acquisition.

  22. It’s the company being acquired. Went through this with the company I worked for.

  23. You should make a post about that. I swear that's the most interesting thing that i've ever read on this sub.

  24. They will release the PR before the conference call. Like an hour before at least.

  25. Well because after all it's just an announcement about an announcement. Except now we have more details. Bullish details imo.

  26. Shorts havent closed yet. Bbby would stay liquid. Disappointment by not matching galactic expectations is either a grave dug by everyones own or the best FUD the hedgies could habe done yet - throwing gasoline in the fire of hopium expecting a panic downfall. Think about that. Facts are (you guessed) Shorts havent closed yet.

  27. Honestly you'd be surprised how many people have 'galactic' expectations regarding that update. If it's anything unrelated to Baby i do expect a huge sell off, but that's just my personal opinion. I could be very wrong as well.

  28. If it is just the loan, then I can see how that would be disappointing. The filing specifically mentions the March letter, in which they talk about BABY or a sale of the company, then they say they have news at the end of the month that benefits shareholder value. RC cashed out right before the filing, which is what activist investors do before a spin off or sale. It’s like someone cutting a piece of cake, putting it on a plate in front of you, handing you a fork, but not expecting you to think that the cake is yours to eat.

  29. Yes, they could. There's a very interesting article on that that i highly recommend.

  30. Would it not be pinned to the accepted offer. BBBY would have to consider the offer and during that time the price would change (up). At that point BBBY could reject the offer and negotiate (up).

  31. In theory yes, in practice no. In practice the price jumps directly to the proposed amount. Just like n3rdacalypso said, "when a company has a reasonable offer on the table by financial sponsors interested in purchasing said property, either in part or whole, is that they have a "fiduciary obligation" to do what's in the best interest of their shareholders". Given there would be almost no chance for a rejection, the price would go up. If the offer would seem to low, it could go up even more than the proposed price due to speculation that they will receive/negotiate a better price.

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