1. I think she’s pregnant. #4 looks like a 12-16w baby belly to me.

  2. The way Kourtney could humiliate and tear into both of them..I know Kim has the higher profile, but Kourtney holds way more power in the things she could say about them than what they can say about her. Khloe looks pathetic running behind Kim as usual and they’re both jealous that Kourtney is happy and found a way to have a life outside of their bubble after they made fun of and publicly taunted her for wanting to do so.

  3. What a nasty human. It's bad enough these kids' lives are public and have major scrutiny at all time, and now their own aunt badmouths their Mum to them. Can't be the first time this has happened, and Khloe seems totally okay with it too.

  4. Only storyline he has revolves around Kourt other than that no one cares about their staged pranks with Khloe

  5. People hate Kendall for the wrong reasons.

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