1. Mfs are stupid yo we shpuld have more police presence and literally encourage self defense there are many instances where a gun saved a life it depends on who's hands it's in which is basically a mental health issue

  2. Guns don't kill people, people do this shit going on is more about how people get guns and what mental state.

  3. I think right wingers would love it. It has a gun and blood, that’s the America they want.

  4. Lil Wayne is better than NF, J cold KS better than MGK and Mac miller is better than Em.

  5. By what putting no gun signs on doors that doesn't work you gotta fight fire with fire and not just that more people are killed by pistols than ARs look at Chicago

  6. it's not difficult at all once you realize that 100% of things they say are in bad faith and are wholly dependent on whatever they want in the moment.

  7. Beto is such an idiot bro, yelling isn't gonna do anything maybe have rehab prisons and having social workers at homes to prevent this shit is gonna work. Not yelling because you let your emotions speak for you

  8. Idk I mean that's why you don't hit anyone if they have security bruh😂😂 life's about cause and effect you do something you have an effect

  9. I don't understand why people vote for clowns on both sides #bothpartiessuckdonkeycock

  10. That's literally what democrats do as well with kids tryna teach em about transgendrrism and shit when they should be playing and having fun as kids

  11. Nice places to go and shit but the people here are uneducated and sometimes act Like shit

  12. He isn't even Transphobic or sexist people just have the media and news outlets dick up in their ears

  13. Not really, yall gotta grow up a pair of balls or tits or whatever tf yall got and act like adults

  14. Idk the fog for me left 2 to 3 days after. It's better to smoke 1 to 2 times a week tbh only on weekends

  15. It might not even be a black woman it might be her beliefs if you're believing the news outlets don't because they're all false to an extent

  16. Ima go with WestSideGunn and because he isn't bad Lyrically but his voice and subject matter is always the same. His voice is annoying asf and he always talks about shooting shit up soooo

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