1. Will do! Thank you, I got a video of my MPX k soon, and a few more neat things up for review

  2. assuming SS has your prints already they send them electronic file, if whatever reason the file upload doesnt work they can send a paper copy directly to the ATF-

  3. What can is that you got there and please tell me the name of the jacket you got on! Looks great

  4. If it has 6 US parts, it can become a rifle.

  5. so if I was to put a sef navy housing from Hk parts and a Franklin armory trigger which completely changes the whole lower, and add an A2 stock U.S version would that be 922(r) compliant?

  6. I don't believe that the SEF Navy housing is US-made.

  7. I don’t think there is any chance the rule changes don’t end up overturned but you’re misunderstanding how it is as written. The whole nonsense regarding 922r only applies to rifles and not to pistols. With the rule change, that means any foreign-made pistol with a stabilizing brace was assembled in violation of 922r as the pistols with braces are retroactively being considered rifles. It would technically include any foreign-made pistol that has a brace on it regardless of if it was done by the importer or the user. The foreign made pistols can still be sold and owned in pistol configuration, just not with a stabilizing brace according to the rule as written once it is published. That means all everything will still continue to be sold, but just without braces included and you won’t be able to put a brace on the same way as currently stands with a stock unless you form 1 it.

  8. My man, you gotta stop limpwristing that thing, you are getting way too much muzzle flip and lateral motion. Support hand is there for a reason - to create dynamic tension and allow recoil impulse to go linear, through arms (elbows on edge of locked) then shoulders and dissipate downward through the hips. You are also leaning back, fix that stance!

  9. Will do was just abit hard getting a grip with the gloves I had on, negative 4 degrees Fahrenheit wasn’t helping neither so I got invest in some good gloves for shooting! And yep semi auto of course.

  10. Thank you! I was worried abit about it, but now since it’s the weekend I should be able to enjoy some gaming worry free

  11. I always wanted a Bren2. All I ever see are the pistol versions though

  12. idk, got a lot of folks that apparently like this more then their scar, I still prefer the scar myself but that just maybe because I have mine all suited for me.

  13. Skipped around the start where you say you didn’t lube it then wonder why you are having issues. I stoped there.

  14. you skipped too much and didn't listen right, I said I never lubed the weapon and after 500 rounds the weapon still ran perfectly fine. Never said the SP5 gave me any problems lol

  15. I’ve never understood that mentality metal on metal no lube. 1st thing I do is clean and lube, even my MP5s, I use Mine for HD tho want them smooth.

  16. there was no need to lube mine, came a bit overly lubed from the factory for some reason.

  17. This is my first impression video of my HK SP5, Hope everyone enjoys!

  18. They're good guns but they need a KNS piston. Magazines are also a little scarce and around $70 each. Just changed out the firing pin on mine because it would have light primer strikes every other round. The Titanium firing pin I put in made it run flawlessly.

  19. Oh man I gotta give that a try! And I noticed the mags are expensive! I try to see if any of my surplus stores had any but all I found was the rounds which I herd where also abit hard to come by now.

  20. Good dmr. Cheaper alternative to the svd since it’s just an upsized “ak”. Overpriced in the usa market right now however. Nearly 2k, 1200 with the scope should be it’s fair price imo. But that’s not happening at the moment. There are way better options for its going price. Mine shot 4 moa at best and would not cycle sometimes regardless of the ammo. I suspected the mag but I only had the one since they are so pricey. I only paid 800 for mine a while back so I was willing to accept it.

  21. that's a super steal for 800! and I agree with you, there a way better option for the price, this one was given to me as gift and don't really know much about it so I did a quick google search before uploading this video.

  22. Got mine in 308 and I love it to death

  23. Work on your stance, lean into it. Imagine leaning into a heavy wind. Use your body and core muscles to absorb the recoil. 7.62x39 is a short intermediate round like 5.56, it’s not a full length rifle round. You can learn to shoot it with a lot less of the gun and you moving around on recoil.

  24. Sweet rifle, some decent brand name upgrades. Now go run and gun.

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