1. There's this word you should look up. It's called semantics.

  2. The only way to win is to leave or never get involved. Originally I dated a pwBPD (dated many of them infact) and after that I decided just not to even mess with pwBPD. A few people have tried to get close to me and I done even get involved. I have recovered, learned my lesson, and truly winning is just leaving the person entirely and avoid these people. (they admitted to having it, they don't hide it my experience if you ask them.)

  3. Photo book of her in underwear? Squishmallows? Are we all dating the same person?😰

  4. Me too. I even got sent some underwear from here THAT I HAVE NO IDEA WHY ID EVEN WANT THEM. Are you suppose to sniff them? It's a trophy? Wtf.

  5. I think he is referring to the message being in the wrong position. Only the bottom two should be randomly generated messages.

  6. The text bubble that says "Nerf the royal giant." Is not in the bottom of the menu as it should be.

  7. You get lots of sex for a few weeks then the nightmare begins in earnest.

  8. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to but is this a male perspective re a woman with bpd? I’m a female and my male pwBPD is by far the worst sex I’ve ever had.

  9. Don't talk to my father much after he cheated on my mom and left us to start a new family and whenever I do see him he talks about my short comings and not being mentally strong enough throughout my life. He is pretty okay.

  10. Its just strange watching you guys let it happen...

  11. What we should be worried about is that women are not getting paid as much as men. That's the real problem.

  12. I think forcing women to give birth is worse....

  13. thats what i needed to hear , i hope she makes up her mind and get back 2 me , have u ever been thro the same thing? + if yes how did it go after the lil break ?

  14. Yes I have. It hurts when someone leaves you out of the blue. If I didn't over react maybe things would of ended differently, but the times I remained strong kept myself busy and waited a bit for the other person to be ready to communicate seemed to go well. It's all about relaxing. She is probably having a hard time. Sometimes I'd tell my friend that is it is okay and for them to take the time they need, and whenever they want to talk I will make time to listen to them. (Within reason of course. If you are at work or at school at the time.) After a little break it worked out we communicated again when my friend was ready to. Just remember to remain calm.

  15. You sound like me. I'd remain calm, the last thing you want to do is start getting insecure yourself and over texting her. As I have heard reassuring is good. I'd work on something in the meantime like a hobby and have faith. Maybe just checking up every now and then? "Hey how are you feeling today?"

  16. Just ask them, politely and straight to the point. Last thing you want is to be known as is a sexual harasser.

  17. My friend (M26) did that to his coworker. She would about to get him on harassment.

  18. Idk it's just a feeling I get when I connect with someone. I feel their honesty and character. The rest is history.

  19. Too damn much these past 6 months. I usually get over it in a year and nearly forget the ex existed.

  20. Get on the roof with food, water, and all my guns and ammo, then kick the ladder. Unless they can jump 12 feet straight up, they aren't getting me.

  21. Our pockets are bigger so the weight of the items can make our pants fall down to were we sag. And fear that if we bend down the full moon will appear in broad daylight.

  22. This comment. Our pockets are full of bulky wallets, phones, keys, phone chargers, maybe even emergency tools or a knife. It sure does weigh you down.

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