1. Pregabalin with anxiety, it helps but tolerance builds fast. Now on the way to find smt for depression, SSRI, SNRI, lamotrigin didn't work, Maybe re try SNRI's, hard really. Feeling out of options. I also have chronic pain.

  2. I would say just go back in dosage and increase slowly. They say 150 mg a day is the starting dose but you can start at a lot less. I started at 25 mg and now at 50 morning-150 evening

  3. Hahaha, excuse my laughter. Radical acceptance is the HARDEST skill in my experience. I laugh because it’s the skill I’m the least “good” at and I find it ironic that this would be the first question to pop up.

  4. Thank you, just the whole radical acceptance thing is so abstract, almost like smt one would ascend to, what practice means is abstract too but it is I think the MOST important and HARD skill ever. I see your point about the what I accept and thankful for list, I just have this stupid cringe feeling about making a gratitude list. I did back in the days and then I felt it was all stupid agh, you know "eat-pray-love" kinda cringe or religious kinda cringe. Huf. Not very positive here haha sorry for that.

  5. Oh my gosh, I totally get that. So much of DBT are skills that seem so rudimentary. I used to feel really resistant to the idea of all that cliché stuff like positive affirmations, gratitude lists, deep breathing, etc. They all seemed like super simple ideas that could not possibly address the complexity of my issues.

  6. Dude from fight club was schizophrenic. James bond, yeah why not, alcoholic, hyper sexual,likes to kill people. Darth nihilus. Planet eater, maybe. Ghost, SAS, so yeah, same as bond. Vader...emotionally neglected as a child, another maybe. Is the top right Starkiller? If so, yeah, saw his father killed and was kidnapped and developed Stockholm syndrome. Not sure who the anime characters or the other guy is.

  7. The black haired anime guy is sasuke, from naruto I think and he is a narcissist not bpd imo

  8. Well that is quite a combo, from my experience with lamotrigine and pregabalin (not taken together, at different periods) they both did very vivid nightmares for the first 2 weeks or so, which then settled.

  9. I take 200mg lamotrigine, 150mg pregabalin, 20mg vortioxetine in the morning and 200mg lamotrigine, 150mg pregabalin and now 50mg quetiapine (with intention of increasing) at night. Never had an issue with lamotrigine/vortioxetine/pregabalin together. I am also on diazepam for prn. I had an appt with my nurse this morning and she’s made notes for my psychiatrist so it’s just waiting.

  10. I see, I have no experience with quetiapine. Sorry couldn’t be of more help.

  11. I just really think one theory that explains all of the symptoms and how they interrelate will someday be possible. Einstein’s “theory of everything” for bpd, if you will.

  12. I’d say then it would have to be divided into at least 2-3 differently named disorders. The way I see it only a couple of dsm criteria are almost universal in bpd; like fear of abondonment and feelings of emptiness. The rest is permutations and even then; how symptoms manifest themselves are unique to the individual. Like anger; are we talking explosive or implosive? Specific ways to process or repress anger? Anger to self or others or both? Etc etc…

  13. That’s just the problem though, isn’t it? It’s just so weird. When taken as a whole, the symptoms really don’t make that much sense. I’m most interested in what causes the affective instability, the sudden and dramatic nature of the mood shifts, and that’s the part that dissociation feels like a good candidate to explain- again along with the lack of sense of self, the emptiness, and, I’d argue, perhaps the rest of the symptoms indirectly. Who knows, really. Thanks for engaging with me.

  14. Sure. I find the nhs site provides a short and good summary to causes of bpd:

  15. Care bears was such a favorite of mine as a kid and this is such an original take on that. As other s said, people wanna keep to fluffy and happy things and ignore negatives.

  16. I think there is a misconception on how fast tolerance builds. Partly because of people not using it as prescribed. The other reason is on social media you will see more negative feedback (a lot of time not always) as opposed to positive. And finally I think some think when that initial feel good levels out they think it’s tolerance.

  17. Do you know if there is a difference between developing tolerance for pain vs for anxiety?

  18. In my experience it takes like a week or two to start working but I started with very small doses.

  19. Yeah I’m gonna keep on taking it for a while as the psych said. What dose did you start at?

  20. 25 mg for 2 days, 50 mg for 2 days, 75 mg for a few weeks, then added 25 mg to morning… Now I am at 50 mg morning, 125 mg evening.

  21. Yes I know that. I was just thinking my doc would not be okey with anything extra (not even an antihistamine) considering he said no to even smt quite innocent as melatonin. I used to use that with zero side effect in the past.

  22. My doc said no to even melatonin but if this continues I will insist on smt. Thank you!

  23. It’s Lyrica 150mg in the morning & Lyrica 75mg at night. I also take gabamax nt 75(amitrip + pregabalin) at night

  24. I take Lyrica 75 x 2 in the morning and 1 at night & amitriptyline 20 3 hours before sleeping but my doctor said I can take 10mg more on days when my sleep has been disturbed I also take a medicine which is a combination of pregabalin & amitriptyline -75mg once at night

  25. Thank you, I am confused on what time you take at what mg though. Is it: Morning 75 mg lyrica Evening 75 mg lyrica 3 hour before sleep: 20 mg amitriptyline

  26. Not necessarily. They don’t have to interact at all. This depends on what kind of antidepressant you will be taking and other factors as well. Your doctor will know what is best to do.

  27. You may find that Pregabalin intensifies the “brain fog” or chronic tiredness sometimes caused by antidepressants or antipsychotics. If you encounter this, you may want to consult your doctor and switch to something else. Being tired like that all the time really sucks. I hope you find something that works for you :)

  28. I am on pregabalin for pain and anxiety but it is not enough for pain, also I feel still depressed (though anxiety is better). Actually, I feel like pregabalin made me less anxious but more depressed, like slow and heavy. I was thinking adding an antidepressant would help but reading your comment, I guess it will just make it worse?

  29. Hi, I am on both Pregabalin 450mgand Amitriptyline, 50mg, and haven't had any negative interactions. Just some dry mouth and weight gain, but not blowing out or anything, just a bit heavier than normal, roughly 5-6kg.My concerns are around coming off these medications. I had forgotten my afternoon dose of pregabalin a couple of times this week, and my god, I was in the most irritable, angry, depressed mood of my life this morning. So freaking out as I'm also on Suboxone and dexamphetamine, all of which are prescribed. All after getting addicted to frigged oxy after an injury. FML. Anyways you'll be all good, it will take a week or two to adapt to the medications, hopefully they help your situation.

  30. Hi, what time of the day you take Pregabalin and what time Amitriptyline? I take 50 mg pregabalin morning and 100 mg evening, so I guess if Amitriptyline would be added it would be to evening but like is it okey to take both at the same hour?

  31. I've been on pregablin for about 6 months and my pharmacy has always given me the 'Accord' brand. Seems I always either get Accord or Teva for stuff like pregablin or opiate painkillers.

  32. Did you end up trying teva? I started with teva, then doc prescribed accord but I asked pharmacy for teva instead again fearing changing brand. Now curious if any difference

  33. I can't remember being described Teva ones but the last ones I got were Milpharm I think. I can't tell the difference personally.

  34. Please show yourself some compassion, yeswe are responsible for our behaviors, I don’t mean to deny that but it is also obvious bpd causes things and none of us asked for having bpd. It came to us with genetics and upbringing etc…

  35. Its the same (according to my personal experience with a sample of one person that I used to know)

  36. Little miss disappears when she's not ok? Seems a little odd but ok.

  37. I am pretty sure that person I mention has a teenage emo girl living inside of him.

  38. Us people with bpd, need validation. When someone comes and says “I don’t understand why you give such a big emotional reaction to this small thing” This comes across as “invalidating” which can lead us into a spiral of “there is smt wrong with me” because most of us kept hearing things that led us to believe we don’t fit in and felt invalidated. That is why we need people with a lot of empathy and emotional and mental depth that I think can only be achieved as a person goes through serious mental health challenges through life (not necessarily bpd but can be other challenges)

  39. I am at 50 mg morning/noon, 100 mg evening. I feel like I get more hungry after my evening dose so going to bed soon after evening dose I think could prevent eating more.

  40. Okey wait for it, in a moment here will be filled with people saying “you gotta love yourself first, so you can love others” “get hobbies and friends” They won’t mean bad, they will mean good but well wish that was that easy..

  41. It helps when you have no choice. Ex cheated and left when I had just lost my job. Then my dad died. I was broke (and broken) and alone. Started running again, then joined some run groups and made friends. She ended up coming back wanting to fix things but I had support and was strong enough to tell her to GTFO. It’s been over a year and I’m only now thinking of dating again. Sometime in the next year. I’ve still got things to work on.

  42. I am sorry you had to go through so much and sorry for your loss. You showed great strength. What I meant is, I find it hard and complicated to fill that black hole that is craving for an fp.

  43. Manual therapy worked on me but only short term, the pain would go away for a couple days then return. Lidocaine and steriod directly into the muscle did work for me. I'm sorry you've been struggling with this, it has to be so frustrating and painful. I get it, I have two arthritic knees, both with ACL reconstructions. One is so bad it should be replaced but no way can I tolerate that surgery with fibromyalgia and I'd never be able to rehab. So instead I got a genicular nerve block and I can hike again. Have you tried topical NSAID like Voltarin Gel? Insurance usually pays for it ( but the copay can be pretty obnoxious). At least your stomach will be saved and maybe it will help if you put it directly on the painful spots. The only other things I've found to help is taking magnesium supplements, heat ( preferably a hot tub,) and red light therapy. But for me the injections were a game changer. If your not in Low Dose Naltrexone you may want to explore that with your doctor, it made a big difference for me with the fibro pain( not so much the myofascial pain though). If you are into herbs I also get a lot of relief from the myofascial pain by using extracts of Jamaican Dogwood, Crampbark and Skullcap. I use them together twice a day now. Maybe just talk to your doctor and ask if they have any other options for you? What stinks is what works for me, or anyone else, may not work for you. Try to hang in there, I know it's not easy.

  44. Oh sorry to hear your case too :( Knees are so important, I am glad you found a workaround and avoid knee replacement surgery. I tried voltaren and naprosyn gels to no benefit, I will try ibuprofen gel and lidocaine gel. I have taking magnesium for a couple weeks in the past and stopped seeing no help but maybe I was too quick to judge, how long did it take for you to see benefit from magnesium? I don’t know about red light therapy, I tried ultrasound and tens. I have been advised shockwave therapy which I can only try in 2 months because I will do it once I travel to my home country. I have no idea on the herbs you mentioned, how do you consume them?

  45. You can get the herbs on Amazon ( if that's available to you)as liquid extract, or any healthfood store with a large product line. You just put a half dropper full of the liquid in your mouth and swallow.

  46. Thank you for all the info! The magnesium I have is a mix of all types, guess I’ll finish what I have and next I’ll buy the one you specified. I tried magnesium oil, made my skin super itchy.

  47. Also late to this. My wife has a similar situation. She has done most of the things here. Next she might try prescription Amitryptiline cream. She has a scrip for Lyrica, but is waiting for fear of side effects. She is also looking into ROLFing.

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