1. It can be perscribed to people for purely recreation purposes. That’s the perscription i have a problem with. As stated over and over and over again: if it for a medical reason such as a hormonal imbalance then yes it’s not morally wrong

  2. Why do you think birth control for recreational purposes is wrong?

  3. Because you are messing with your hormonal balances which have huge ramifications on your day to day life for something that could be achieved by buying condoms

  4. No, of course not. I'd direct you to The Onion's recent court filing about how parody is essential and what function it serves.

  5. So the answer can’t be “because xyz says so” . There needs to be an actual basis for the theory otherwise it doesn’t exist .

  6. okay, so a preschooler today and his 23 year old teacher are of the same generation? Why do you think that?

  7. No they wouldn’t be . 1999 and 2018 are different gens.

  8. Why do you think both millennials and gen z are 20 year generations? If you could refrain from arguing for a minute and discuss why you think this, it would be super helpful!

  9. Green chartreuse? Fernet Branca? Oooh, maybe Luxardo? Mezcal or gin would work as a base. OOOOH what about using pico de gallo water?

  10. TIL "the feminism campaign" was launched in the 1970s. Also our hair is pink now.

  11. Yellow leaves happen, especially during transplant or moving locations. It’s growing and the other leaves look happy! The cuts are probably from transporting it.

  12. This is silly semantics. You personally may have decided to call anyone who disagrees with transgender ideology a TERF but that doesn't change what the acronym means... which includes "Radical Feminist" right in the title, why it was coined in the first place... because such feminists existed, nor make it an appropriate term to refer to the vast host of OTHER people who disagree with contemporary trans gender ideology but aren't radical feminists.

  13. Yup. And fifteen years ago when the term was coined, it meant a specific subset of radical feminists. Now it means, simply, anti-trans rhetoric under the guise of feminism. No true Scotsman all you want, but the vast majority of feminists reject TERF ideology as explicitly anti-feminist, regardless of what they identify as.

  14. I feel like if you are, then you already have the best people to ask. And if you aren’t, then why are you using that bottle?

  15. Men do not have breasts, and they are not women. They are cartoonizing/caricaturing women. You are wearing womanhood as a costume to be laughed at.

  16. Now do the kids dancing for dollars. And also see my edit.

  17. What, the toddler touching the mermaid skirt? Have you ever worked with children? Lol kids that age and even up to 8 or so will just honk on your boobs or put their face in your crotch, because they don’t know what sex is. It’s 100% innocent.

  18. My political science teacher is pretty supportive/ an ally. The nurse is pretty accepting too

  19. Oh absolutely tell an ally teacher/staff member!!! Say you have a question about speeches in another class and share what you’ve said here.

  20. Kids are actually getting away with wearing ears/tails, leading each other around on leashes, and eating like a dog with their tray on the floor, as well as other degeneracy like flashing the teachers to try to get them fired (all actually happened at our middle and high schools, from people I actually trust). It's not that far of a stretch

  21. Flashing teachers I believe, and kids wearing cat ears and tails (bc who cares), but the rest is laughable.

  22. You're pretty much a baby still if you're under 23 or so, as far as political views go. Nobody should judge anyone for their early political beliefs, unless they were absolutely vile and they still hold those beliefs as older adults.

  23. -My brother and I running to our rooms to hide when our father pulled in the driveway home from work.

  24. The overwhelming desire to be “low maintenance”???

  25. It's one of the main reasons our country (US) exists. The US should be a place where anyone is legally permitted to do anything as long as that activity or behavior doesn't impede another person's freedom. We decided that religion wasn't going to be part of our government because we came from Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, which was basically constant war over religion. In the US, protestant sects exploded in number. But religion wasn't tied to government, although of course politicians would still use religious rhetoric.

  26. Except the number of house reps and Electoral College votes are determined by population.

  27. If that's the case, why is anyone sending immigrants to blue cities?

  28. The part that is silly is that your ethnicity is destroyed by mixing with other ethnicities. The problem is how the dominant culture in the US has been treated as if it is toxic or fake. Do you understand that?

  29. I’m saying obesity while dressed like a hooker is vulgar. It’s literally repulsive to the eye.

  30. Correlation does not equal causation. And AOR doesn’t show causation. Also, the argument about insured vs uninsured falls apart just from reading the principle findings: “There were 17,892 deaths; 9.5 percent were uninsured”. So why even focus on the uninsured? You can just say x amount of babies die each year regardless of insured status so therefore how is that different that aborting them? Saying there’s a chance that the baby will die doesn’t change a pro-lifers stance that a fetus is human life that deserves protection just like any other human with life-threatening illnesses deserves protection.

  31. I posted this to show how having healthcare tied to private insurance leads to more infant death. That's a fact, based on this study. Why is it okay for an infant to die in the NICU because they can't afford treatment, but it's not okay for an impoverished woman to abort her 20 week fetus because she can't afford to take care of it?

  32. “I posted this to show how having healthcare tied to private insurance leads to more infant death. That's a fact, based on this study.”

  33. The study linked was literally studying insured vs uninsured neonates in hospitals.

  34. They're parroting what other people tell them. Same with any of those silly nicknames. I assume they're into MRA shit and don't know any history at all.

  35. I start by listing off a bunch of things I'd like to get rid of: "I was thinking your blocks, your big legos, the potato head stuff, the kitchen and pretend food, your magna tiles, and this big truck you never play with." I know going in that I'd be happy if we got rid of two or three of those things, so he gets to save things if he wants to.

  36. Have you tried simply not drinking it? If you didn't order it and you don't drink it, you can say "I don't want this, please take it back."

  37. Not just thin, but unhealthy thin. I remember British Vogue mentioning in a piece around 2005 that runway models were living on Kleenex before shows.

  38. And you can see it in the fashions that are being recycled. I saw an ad last week with a model wearing fishnets under low rise jeans, and she was thin but still had an indent where the fishnet waist was. That image would never have been published in the 90s or 2000s. Any skin fold or softness was "fat" and photoshopped out.

  39. Privilege means you have choices that other people don't. 'Check your privilege' means don't assume other people can make those choices, don't blame them for not making those choices, and don't use those choices to the disadvantage of those who are denied them.

  40. Oh this is a much more concise way of saying what I tried to say

  41. I used to be a high school teacher, so I had to be able to explain it to teens.

  42. Hey, direct and effective communication is good for all of us to know!

  43. Spell check did it, I knew his name. Thanks.

  44. You obviously know your stuff, just wanted to do ol' HHH proper. He was pretty monumental in Minnesota regarding civil rights. (As you know, lol)

  45. Thank you. Yeah, that was from memory.

  46. Clearly - and a minor mistake like that gives you more credibility imo because it's obviously from memory and not something you just googled

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