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  1. Because after Lois came on the show and viewers liked her, Lisa acted like they were always close even though I don’t think she regularly went back to Oregon to see her parents at all.

  2. Andy needs to say something. Like the banner after some shows. If you are experiencing an eating disorder, unplanned pregnancy, etc

  3. Even Kim K has done more for the oppressed than she. I mean Kim literally met with president and got people pardoned. How about that- not a fan of either just making comparison

  4. Upcoming previews show her trying to stop the runaway train so to speak. We will see, but why ErICKa all against Kathy. Who is really jealous of who? 🤔

  5. She always brings people on and then targets them too. Denise, Sutton- she is ridiculous

  6. Yea Robyn won 🥇. But did she really? More like the booby prize and weird they had Mykelti stay with her when Cody was courting her to help with her kids and house. Ummm what?!?! Her own mom was pregnant!

  7. It said needed update my since QE2 death, but he’s got the top ones in there. The 3 at the bottom can swing in the wind

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