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  1. Friendly reminded they denied us from evil Regal mentoring heel Danielson JUST because they were playing AA sponsor buddies with the balding plumber.

  2. I think if you look deeply through comics backgrounds you’ll find that it’s harder to find one that grew up poor.

  3. Sounds like your bitch ass is embarrassed about your own past. Easy to talk about chemistry until they look/ask for your chemistry degree. Jackass.

  4. It sucks how nerd dominance affects the culture of basically anything. They're so trend conscious, they flip their tastes on a dime, they scare women off except for a tiny handful that can tolerate their weird gatekeeper-y behavior. Entitled, unempathetic... I could go on. Not a community something with broad appeal like pro wrestling should've ever doubled down on.

  5. I’ve seen them ruin three things, besides wrestling, in my lifetime this same way. Poker and standup comedy.

  6. To be fair WCW went out of business because Time Warner didn't want wrestling on their channel and wouldn't give it a time slot. The TV landscape back then wasn't like it is now. Without TV the company couldn't survive.

  7. It was losing $100 million a year. It was alive for 12 years and only made a profit twice. Aew and wcw are essentially the same business. Both propped up by a billionaire who was fond of wrestling.

  8. I’m losing my mind. This exact recipe appeared on the front page on thanksgiving from a different sub, but a finished dish, not a making of. And now here it is again.

  9. You think the book version of harry potter is better than the films?

  10. Absolutely. Also people hated fifth book Harry, but I thought that’s exactly how a teenager going through a lot and not being told anything would react.

  11. I thought the books were much more mean spirited than the films. What made you prefer the books?

  12. Mean spirited how? Never actually heard this argument before tbh. And I also never heard anyone say the movies were better. I’d actually like to know your opinion, maybe I can see it your way.

  13. No one’s trying to see fucking UE unless Rome is throwing Cole over a mountain.

  14. Real talk that was some Emmy shit wtf. I hope that fatso Kevin owens doesn’t ruin it 🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. I said on this sub a few months ago when this guy took over for vince that it was going to suck. Everybody was all excited of course i got downvoted. I said it before and i will say it again. HHH is not a good booker and he never will be

  16. You’re absolutely right but you shouldn’t have said this before raw or smack down because the ple was good. Which actually sucked if it wasn’t for bloodline snd the triple threat. Damage control stinks and the womens division is in shambles.

  17. I said it before, WWE will be NXT 2018-2020, Triple H with his shitty "we don't want to make stars that end up leaving for Hollywood, we want the brand to be first" take from a few years ago is 100% his view of what wrestling should be. Look at the way he books, I know the jerk about 50-50 booking but this is exactly what he's doing. Making everyone look mid, nobody stands out, brand first. What was the point of Hit Row beating LdF and than losing every match in 2 minutes? You make the better group lose & nobody cares about them now and the win didn't help the awful gimmick stable in any way. Theory cashes in on the US title (that's the complain m*arks, not him being berried because he didn't win against Reigns) and fails, but don't worry in 2 weeks he wins it against Lashley and Rollins, how exactly did anyone came out of this looking better? We already knew Theory was capable of winning the US title SINCE HE ALREADY DID THAT BEFORE THE CASH-IN.

  18. Nah I agree with you about laveck being tony khan. I have a post a month or two ago saying he’s just tony khan with some sense. The best storyline in wrestling is the one we all know Paul Heyman is writing lol. Vince McMahon said Trips was midcarder before he married Stephanie, he was right then and he knows it. The best booker right now is the one with the worst talent, HBK.

  19. How do you know the Elite are who she was referring to as his "little friends?"

  20. They’re little and they’re his friends, what more fo you need? Pics of Nick jackson putting it in for Joey?

  21. Wtf. This moron looks great with a fade but he keeps a corny ass mullet. Mexicans gotta come here and explain this. La flow de ustedes esta en question.

  22. I'll just say this as a consistent viewer of both for a year, most WWE matches are easier to suspend your disbelief in. They actually feel like a real fight if you try.

  23. Storytelling? Aew has no psychology so that’s impossible. AEW is not good, that’s why all their numbers are tanking and they can’t turn a profit.

  24. What other profession do you get to say "oops" and clumsily try to pretend you aren't terrible at your job?

  25. The closest to this clown is Chris Boussard. Who isn’t taken seriously by anyone.

  26. Punk shouldn’t have been there to be honest, cause he couldn’t afford punk. He probably got extremely fleeced by him too 10+ mill.

  27. Fuck I hope they do it. International fans stay lit.

  28. Shotzi can go, she worked a gauntlet match in NXT before ever being called up to Smackdown and went the distance with minimal mistakes with timing or botches.

  29. What the hell are you people talking about? Ronda is damn near a prodigy. Go look back at the match how many times she had to slow down for shotzi.

  30. None of these guys ever fix their corporate structure. I suspect that’s really why they all lose. It’s amazing even khan hasn’t done it.

  31. Laveck going with the most obvious and boring way to tell this story with the Sami Kevin owens team. 😢

  32. No it isn't. Internal monologue is discussing something with yourself. It's like talking to yourself but non-verbal.

  33. He’s right though about if you stop reading but keep saying words. How can a guy program though without anything? The only answer is that he was programmed to know how to program.

  34. Of course once they turn on the money printer but they won’t be able to do that again until the market truly bottoms. It’s not bullish short term for stocks like this guy is sayin

  35. Powell the goat got these guys thinking a soft landing is a real thing lol.

  36. That’s the most garbagest fantasy booking I’ve ever read. Jesus.

  37. He didn’t say shit. He double talked/rode the fence. Lol.

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