1. I ordered a copy of the Bloodbath limited CD but I never saw anything about any of them being signed.

  2. ye fs, i play guitar and my fav genres are metal, screamo, and jazz

  3. Sure he’s depressed, he’s a bulldog, he was born and lives in pain

  4. Someone get this kid a gold, top tier comedy right here

  5. Oh cool! I really can't either, considering I go from poppy to elvis to Slipknot to Nirvana, it's a wide range haha!

  6. You're finally old enough to stand up and fight back! We must destroy the heretics, and their heresy! I salute you, stranger

  7. Who gives a fuck about the US right now?!? THEY'VE TAKEN JERUSALEM! WE MUST DEFEND THE HOLY LAND!

  8. I respect your opinion. But I'm not going to retaliate, as our views differ drastically, and I do not want to cause conflict

  9. by investing in education, the returns on the economy will 100% show themselves, and save us money by slowing the flow of the school to prison pipeline. it’s really expensive to keep someone in jail

  10. And that makes alot of sense as well, and something we should do in the long run, but I just do not feel it's good idea right now. With all the violence going on right now

  11. Bert is the lead singer of The Used that used to be really close with Gerard when the bands toured together in MCR’s earlier days

  12. Ohh okay. Thank you! Was he the one on "you know what they do to guys like us in prison"?

  13. This thread has been flaired as [Serious]. Please be aware that this marks it as a place for serious discussion only and that any unserious content in this thread will be met with

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