1. Sorry for the late reply, but it's a noticeable difference and worth the investment! Quick unrelated question for you: in the plunger/button install video, you've got a box of color-coordinated wire for stringing up the buttons. Where did you get that, or which set was it? I'm gonna install the VirtuaPin plunger, but since I'm getting the new control board with it I figured I might as well upgrade my stock Arcade1Up buttons at the same time (also need to add a few). I saw that sheet you were referring to with the colors all coded out and thought this might make the process easier, but I'll be damned if I can't find that online anywhere, and i didnt see any product links in the video notes. Thanks!

  2. I got it from amazon. I just got into Amazon Affiliate last night so I'll try to get all the part links into my parts video for ya. Cheers!

  3. Awesome thanks. I'm gonna order it so it'd be cool if you can make a few bucks out of it!

  4. In VPX, you can tell each event to fire the physical device (such as solenoid), audio, or both. Just disable the audio events where you have solenoids. You can do the same in DOFLink, though it is per table in the PUP pack.

  5. This is the way. Open vpx editor and under preferences, go to keys. On that page to the right is dof controls. Find the one you want to change and change both to dof.

  6. Can these be set globally? These settings are for individual tables, right?

  7. Pro tip: show the finished product at the beginning of the video to entice the viewer to keep watching. Some people will get bored scrolling around trying to find it and just leave. some people will not even bother and just leave. The thumbnail is okay, but it doesn't give the final result justice.

  8. That's a good idea, I'll keep that in mind for future videos. Yeah the thumbnail isn't the greatest but it's hard to capture the coolness of the undercab glow. Thanks for the suggestions.

  9. There is a ton of stuff to learn when you start out....I get it. Start with mjrnet.org for the vpin bible. I made a diy series for people to build their own virtual pinball cabinet. Check it out if you want. Virtual Pinball Cabinet:

  10. Oh, nice list videos, I'll check them out, thanks for dropping a line.

  11. No worries, if you have any questions this group is a very cool community that likes to help. Cheers!

  12. I'm extremely happy with my amplifier/speaker sets for music and ssf. All the parts are in the videos/video description in my diy series. The Logitech speaker set for the backbox music is mind blowingly clear and loud and my ssf set up is turned down about half way.

  13. Thanks. I’ve watched several and that one more than once at this point. Very informative about the install. I just didn’t get why the need for all the separate amps instead of just one. From the comments here it looks like it’s sort of doable with one amp - one that accepts separate inputs for each channel or using a receiver but probably not worth the time or expense.

  14. It's all about adjustability. If you can find an amp that can let you have 7.1 and the adjustment to tweak each channel then go for it. I went with my 2 amps and the logitech setup because it was easy and I'm more than happy with my set up. The amps weren't really expensive either which was great.

  15. I see some videos that use the bass shakers with the side exciters and I see others that don’t use bass shakers. What are your thoughts?

  16. People have different setups for different reasons. One big reason people don't have base shakers is the cost or the room. However, I used them in mine because all sounds have frequencies both low and highs to make the correct sound. Base shakers provide the low frequencies and the exciters fill in the rest. Its like having a car audio system in your car without any subwoofers. You can still hear the sounds/music but you are missing the deep low thumps. I have them in my cabinet and feel like they add a lot. Hope that helps.

  17. And this is why when people say, “just build it yourself” I say “f off”. I lack the amount of time and talent that goes in to building anything remotely close to this. I might as well be asked to build a space shuttle.

  18. Thanks for the build series. It's one of the few videos I don't watch at 1.5x on YouTube.

  19. Thanks! Yeah there's too much info pack in there fir 1.5x....lol. Yes it is good practice to have all your grounds connected together so that all of your power supplies/boards have a common reference point for ground (0 volts).

  20. I can’t tell you how invaluable your series has been this far!

  21. Lol...you just did! Glad everyone is liking the series, it would suck to put in the countless hours into these videos only to have people hate them. Thanks for the watch!

  22. I actually did this in May. This other person did something similar so I added my post and sent it to them.

  23. Nice, I did this 1 year and a half ago. Then I spent like 8 months playing and installing tables....

  24. A hint for routing your belt is that the pulleys with grooves get the grooved side of belt and pulleys that are smooth get the flat side of belt. Start with hardest area pulley first and always put it on the pulley that is smooth and no lip. One of the pulleys that is on a arn is your tensioner arm. On the arm will be a square hole to fit a 1/2" socket wrench. Tightening that arm clockwise usually makes it move towards the engine center which loosens the tension allowing you to install/ remove the belt. Once the belt is on release tension and check that you cannot twist the belt more than 180 degrees at the longest distance between 2 pulleys. If you can, the tensioner needs replaced. Some cars don't have a tensioner and require you to put tension on the belt and tighten the bolt on a slotted part bracket. Good luck.

  25. That's a pretty table, I'll have to check that one out. Any fun to play this one? Sometimes they look good but the gameplay isn't so much.

  26. This is awesome! Looks like a jukebox when it's all folded up. Great work dude!

  27. Thanks !! I watched all of your YouTube videos before I built this. I incorporated some of your design ideas and build methodology into this. You have awesome skills and make terrific videos!!!

  28. That's awesome dude! Glad I could help ya out, this cabinet looks very professionally built....you should be proud!

  29. Most definitely, I just replaced this maybe two or so weeks ago. What do you think happened install error?

  30. Did you pump in grease? If so then you put too much. Supposed to just pump enough in to start moving the rubber boot. Like 2 or 3 pumps. If you didn't grease it and it wasn't like this when you installed it, then the part blew apart ( faulty part)

  31. I love YouTube instructionals and have used them a bunch, but I use it less and less.

  32. If its ugly, no. Go to the hardware store and search the store for trim, I used some 1/16" thick aluminum trim that was 1 1/2" wide with a small 90 degree lip. I cut it down to 1 3/16" wide on my table saw and put my Muzata led light diffuser on top. I heard Michael's art supplies store can make custom cardstock borders that are really nice too ( think borders on paintings/photos in frames)

  33. Thanks man, your awesome video’s didn’t make it to this part yet.

  34. Nah, just filmed/made this part yesterday for my installing led video that'll be out in January. It turned out nice, so keep your eyes peeled.

  35. Wow amazing I am building one following your vids precisely, call me a copy cat but amazing! Love your videos, but a bit light on pinball progress lately, can't wait til new one..

  36. Sweet! You get the same monitor or what did you grab to fit the cabinet? Yeah I'm trying to find time to build/film but ya can't rush perfection...lol. I only get a few hours a week to build so it takes me a while. New vid out tomorrow! Cheers!

  37. Happy to help ya out and I'm glad you like my teaching style.....this stuff can be tricky so I thought it would be worth it to do a series on these vpins. That's cool your making a 32" mini version. You'll have to send me a dm with your pics. Good luck!

  38. Not only do we use it all the time, I teach students how and WHY we use them and get them to think about how the world would rather save money over reusing a good part.

  39. For a 1080p at 60 hz build your a bit low. I would add another 8 gig of ram ( if you can with that motherboard) and a better gpu ( at least a gtx 1050). Start with a budget 1080p at 60hz build and later build up to an upgrade of 4k at 120hz.

  40. This is a no no and in the lift manual it will state always lift with all 4 arms. This is damaging/stressing the lift for a future problem/failure of the hoist. Not safe!

  41. Here is a tutorial that should help ya out. Vpforums or vpuniverse will have all the files, just sign up for a free account.

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