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  1. Will you share some highlights? I’m going in November!

  2. Not the person you asked so I hope you don't mind but Marrakech was my favourite place to visit, it was so different to Europe/The UK and felt much more adventurous and alien to me, like another world.

  3. And yes, I'm gay. Solaire helped me realize that.

  4. I've started taking just 1 mage/sorcerer for bosses or tougher zones to compliment my melee MC and strider MP. I used to take a full party everywhere as it offered more fun/variety/chatter but it was getting too easy and I can't stand them bumping into me all the time lol

  5. I went from fighter > mystic knight > warrior more for the sake of variety in gameplay/armour style than anything, I thought it would be boring but it's actually really fun. Wish we could use 6 skill slots though.

  6. Well since you brought it up allow me to show you my 27 minute long powerpoint presentation of what I'd like to see in DD2

  7. Heavy characters also have a higher encumbrance limit, i.e. you can carry more loot.

  8. I adore the fact that you can not only adjust your height & weight, but that it also affects a range of gameplay elements. Such a cool feature I wish more games had. Exanima is another of few examples.

  9. It´s a swiss / german-thing of late 15. and 16.century and it is called a "Bischofskragen". It helps against stabs against neck or throat and is much easier to wear than a "Bart" aka "bevor".

  10. Apologies if this is a stupid question but are they usually worn loose/draped over the shoulders or attached to anything? I'm wondering what's stopping them from getting lifted up by a blade and stabbed underneath (aside from the reluctance of the guy getting stabbed ofc)

  11. I've only got a few hours in but I avoid ones which look like memes, kids, pop culture characters or anything scantily clad (armoured women > boobarella anyday).

  12. Please, can anyone tell me if this hounskull mod is still working or how to properly install it?I've looked and asked everywhere. It's still outdated.

  13. Sadly it's not working at the moment, Roberto would need to update it as every patch breaks mods, with rumours suggesting he won't be doing so. I have also heard he is giving his mods to Aeternis, but again rumours afaik.

  14. Dos1 is older and is less impressive in gameplay and dialogue (+ far fewer mods), but still a great game. If you go straight to dos2 it'll be harder to go back and you risk missing out on the first game which would be a shame. Perhaps worth noting is that dos1 has a natural human coop limit of 2 (4 if modded but I hear it's very buggy/limiting) whereas dos2 has a natural limit of 4 (I think you can now get up to 10 modded, never tried though).

  15. Origin characters have bonus content to explore and unique interactions between eachother. For a first playthrough I'd say all origin to experience all potential content for a patient group, unless you are invested in making your own character for RP which offers more customisation.

  16. If an area is too tough, try levelling up in different parts of the map first then coming back later. To make this easier you can stick to doing peaceful quests (if you know them), discovering waypoints/new areas or checking an area level/quest map.

  17. If you're playing the rogue in a group, take care not to fax those lifted goods to your friends the moment you are clear. Best do it when you are all in a secluded spot instead :p

  18. Eyy, I love the timeline style for fashion. You could also fit a kastenbrust setup in the 15th century, seems like it gets overlooked sadly.

  19. I feel it on the gaming PC. About a year ago I bought a fairly expensive CPU and computer case, and then just kind of stopped. My friend was supposed to help me with it but we never could arrange what exactly needed done next so those 2 items have just been sitting in my room for a year plus. At this point it was near $400 down the drain until I figure out what to do next. I am a total noob when it comes to PCs and haven't owned one for 10+ years so getting this thing built seems like a monumental task.

  20. Aside from the incredibly kind offers of people helping you out, another option to consider is having a look at

  21. Someone mentioned Bloodborne which I think is the perfect choice, but running a pyromancer build is very viable and satisfying in any of the other souls games or Elden Ring. DS3 in particular probably has the most fucked up and ugly creatures short of Bloodborne I'd say.

  22. Yea it's fun, I used a str/int/faith build (pyro knight) for DS3 and mods like convergence add many more spells which I've also sunk time into. If I can get Bloodborne I will try that.

  23. Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor Martyr? Is currently on sale (Steam)

  24. That's one I haven't played or heard about. Mostly positive on Steam, hmm...

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