Brony shames 12 yearold girl for buying pads

I needed this today

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to disrespect a Latinx queen

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I needed this today

  1. We have no idea the previous context to this situation. I assume because other people are having a problem with her, she’s being wicked annoying.

  2. Assumptions like this have never served anyone poorly ever /S if you fucking missed it

  3. Was this from Manchester? I saw posters everywhere.

  4. This coulda been entirely avoided if that asshole clerk genuinely apologized and said he was wrong.

  5. This is crazy. Make sure you lock your bedroom door at night. Consider taking self defense classes and moving out as soon as you hit 18.

  6. When the hell will the USA make a law to put an age limit on presidents?

  7. Because of covid most of the clubs at MCC have been put on hiatus, but I think they’re getting back this semester. That being said, gonna need to do some serious recruitment and proper forms and advisors will be needed to get them rolling again.(because most, if not all were disbanded)

  8. Im looking for an anime club. That does make sense that covid closed the clubs, probably explains why i was never emailed back too, thank you

  9. Well, luck would have it that I’m also into anime. DM me?

  10. Surprised they didn’t just eat the fins. That’s what humans do!

  11. I’m sure with a $5k price tag, they’re going to be inundated with orders - and Disney wonders why their Star Wars themed hotel failed at $2,500 a weekend…

  12. Because back in the day, people put $1 as the selling price of a used car to avoid taxes, so they value cars according to BB value for tax purposes.

  13. That wasnt even that long ago. I totally remember doing that for my first car in 2002ish

  14. Not pulled over once in three years? Absurd

  15. Yeah, that happened to me too. I didn’t register it for two and a half years. Finally got hit eventually.

  16. This shows how much more worth the US $ was back then. Seriously in 1997 $5.75 could literally get you an UFO ride.

  17. It was in reference to a Twain story where the cost of a ticket to the stars cost $5.75, which is a lot more when he was alive.

  18. What does “tell a pitiful story” mean?

  19. This one and “easy mark, sucker” confuse me.

  20. Guinea pigs generally don’t like it when you pet their butts. It looked like you touched his butt and he jumped.

  21. He don’t like when you sexually objectify his butt like that.

  22. Depends if there are many Russian soldiers here.

  23. Nah. It's culture. Still, I'm embarrassed to be White with all these freaking racists and Karens out there sharing a race and culture with me.

  24. I think it’s upbringing. My grandfather is from Brazil and is one of the most racist people I’ve ever known.

  25. I don’t think race has anything to do with how nice a person is.

  26. I like both styles tbh. I think they’re both good.

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