1. This is the party flag of the "Nordic League of the Wardian Nation", an Ultranationalist and Nordicist party from my nation on NationStates called the "

  2. Sorry to hear that, kinsman, it fills my English heart with fire.

  3. What fills my English heart with fire is my two Grandads going off to the continent to give the Germans some shit! Also my Great Grandads before them. 'Ave it!

  4. I can respect that, my forefathers did the same during the Great War, but the brother wars shouldn't have happened.

  5. An alternate version of my English Nationalist flag, with a less...controversial symbol.

  6. I'm more or less fine with immigration from fellow Europeans, and certain other races I. E. the Yamato Race of Japan. Though I still think we should remain a majority in our own lands.

  7. any form of discrimination will not be tolerated on the sub. Nazi flags are not allowed

  8. I'm pretty sure Rule 6 says they are allowed on tuesday, which is the day that I uploaded this.

  9. Unfortunately not, I found the flag as a small GIF

  10. This was the campaign flag of George Lincoln Rockwell during his campaign in 1965 to become the Governor of Virginia. Despite his ANP existing for 6 years by this point, he ran as an independent.

  11. All day long. There would be a square inch left without my lipmarks on it!

  12. The Enclave are the only legal government!

  13. Thanks, I think she is a shorthair, but with fairly long fur for a shorthair. This photo was taken by the woman looking after her whilst they were waiting to find her a home.

  14. My second cousin only lives a few streets away from me, and she has told us that we can go around and pay her a visit sometime. She already has 4 cats and a dog!

  15. A redesign of the NSDAP flag, featuring the Wolfsangel in place of the Swastika.

  16. This is a fictional Nordic Cross flag of the NSDAP, a reimagining of the NSDAP party flag in a form Hitler might have selected had he appealed to Nordicism, and emphasised the Nordic blood of the Germans.

  17. A fictional flag of the Dutch NSB (Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging in Nederland), in the style of a Nordic Cross in the colours of the Prinsenvlag - honouring the Nordic blood of the Dutch (the Northern German, Anglo-Saxon, Dutch and Scandinavian all belong to our Nordic Race).

  18. Iraq was better under Saddam, he was building a proud, strong, nationalist nation, and Iraqi Christians were safer under his rule than they have been at any point before or since.

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