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TIL that Ben Franklin's invention of the lightning rod was blamed by church leaders for the 1755 Cape Ann earthquake off the coast of Colonial Massachusetts — as his "heretical rods" interfered with the "artillery of Heaven" & deprived God of using lightning as "tokens of His displeasure."

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Taco Bell manager throws scalding water on customers

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The best pokemon era was 1996-2001

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  1. I can count on one hand the number of times I've met people IRL as extreme as online Catholics.

  2. The King James Bible is actually a pretty poorly done translation, and the version of bible used is fairly important in Catholicism and several other sects.

  3. I’ve never had a circus peanut, but I love banana flavored candy and I do get an urge to bite into styrofoam packing peanuts every time I open a package with them…so maybe I’ve been missing out on my perfect candy.

  4. A lot of packing peanuts these days are made from corn and are, in fact, edible.

  5. This "Institute" is a right-wing organization that's trying to masquerade under a name that's similar to the National Institute of Justice.

  6. I've been noticing a lot of these misleading organizations filing strange lawsuits lately. It seems to be a large, coordinated effort to change our country from the ground up in a bad way.

  7. 'Hey Billionaire guy, its me, that dude who lent you a million dollars last month. You probably dont remember because you were drunk. I'll take cash please.'

  8. I’m not saying he was a white hispanic. I’m saying he was a Spaniard, meaning from Spain. If he himself was not born in Spain, his family was recently enough from Spain that he canonically learned to fence during his University education in Spain.

  9. I guess I always kind of thought he did. Then again, I just think turtle necks look kind of dumb.

  10. PPP plo0ß09ol99ß09obl0pn 0oßpp0ßpomm Moll vb.0l0ßl9o9o99nlp0mßpo9n9o9nicht 0ßp übung b juhU OK KijijI

  11. Yeah annnnnd I’m good. I was trying to find the negative in this. There it is.

  12. To be clear, that only happened because the patient was severely immunocompromised. Unless you have AIDS, you probably won't get tapeworm cancer.

  13. Try dialysis then, although you might find the tradeoffs to not be worth it

  14. Ya and I’m sure we’d instantly revert to slavery. Stop trying to control people using fear of a 150 year old boogie man.

  15. Seems like states rights issues are still seen unfavorably by a good number of people in this country, maybe because those states rights issues are being used to oppress people to this very day.

  16. You probably shouldn’t have hematuria.

  17. Playing ac3 I read the note were he was praising "mature ladies" and thought "This cant be real". So I started searching about Ben and discovered that Ac3 downplayed him hard cause that man could have a videogame just about him

  18. You joke, and I will probably be downvoted to oblivion, but this is why I don't give a shit about things like the Rosetta Stone being in London instead of Cairo. Artifacts like that transcend countries and cultures, they belong to humankind it's self and the fact is the Rosetta Stone is FAR safer in London than it is in Cairo.

  19. Those all kind of predate YouTube. Well lightsaber kid at least....I remember watching clips of that on TechTV

  20. Am I the only one who thinks this isn't really a huge deal? It's not like it affected the patients negatively.

  21. Why dont you just get rid of teeth seems like it would be cheaper??!?

  22. The Immaculate Conception, contrary to what some Protestants (like me) misunderstand it to mean, refers to the Catholic dogma that Mary was conceived and born without original sin.

  23. I think a good deal of Catholics also don't know that the immaculate conception refers to Mary's birth

  24. "But other ladies trash stores and restaurants and go away unscathed! Why they had to throw boiling water at us?"

  25. I'm in the same boat as you. 12 wasn't my favorite, but damn they did the first villain Cid justice

  26. This isn't true at all. Mike Tyson can show up in whatever he wants with his face tattoo without a copyright issue. It was Warner Bros mimicking the design that caused a copyright issue.

  27. The t-shirt thing is a bad example because that probably would be protected by ip laws

  28. I know, i'm brazilian, and i said i didn't want to be rude lmao, chill.

  29. Just because you said you didn't want to be rude doesn't mean that you weren't rude.

  30. Pokémon on the computer just doesn't hit the same as in your hand though.

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