Live WWE RAW Discussion Thread! - May 9th, 2022!

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  1. She did this three times? She’s not going to stop. Trust me. She’s out. You should be too.

  2. Turn all of them upside down except Michigan.

  3. We've done surgery and the massage method. Wish i knew about the massage method first. We kept at it and eventually it didn't come back

  4. I’ve massaged it back in three times. And it stays in for a bit, and looks 100% better. Hoping after a couple more times it won’t come back out.

  5. Hank had this show up yesterday. Kinda came outta nowhere. Any advice?

  6. I came here to disagree about only one little thing. How does a married person enter a contact in their phone under “Boo ♥️” and not expect to be caught.

  7. I thought the same thing. She could have saved him as “Jenny” or something. Maybe she likes playing with fire?

  8. Tiffany impressed me with her match last night.

  9. I’m so sorry. I miss mine everyday. I dream about him like he’s still alive. And I had to say goodbye in February of 2020.

  10. idk this is the beginning of likely a long story.

  11. Lost my guy in February or 2020. Only had him for seven years. I thought I had more time. I miss him everyday. And dream about him like he’s still alive. I hope they find something they can fix for you and he gets better.

  12. Okay.. Okay. Could I just have a Frosty and a baked potato please.

  13. I’m officially done with Roman Reigns

  14. Good thing you weren’t around for Bruno Sammartino (there were two of them over 1,000 days), Bob Backlund or Hulk Hogan’s title reigns.

  15. Those were different days. Bruno and Backlund were around before the PPV era and most of Hogan’s WWF run was when there wasn’t competitive matches on TV every week and PPVs on every month.

  16. Good point. It’s pretty much all competitive matches every show except Veer matches. Lol

  17. Why can’t we have a US or IC Title match?! Please.

  18. She has more balls than the guys shooting…

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