[Highlight] Mitchell absolutely posterizes Watanbe

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  1. You guys see one comment you like and latch onto it for years lol

  2. People literally want any excuse to make him out to be a massive asshole, so dumb.

  3. Let me guess, “Jaylen Brown is misunderstood!!!” am I right?

  4. He is not wrong about social media lol, how is that one controversial.

  5. Obviously it's a nice thing for players to get selected, but how are people still hung up on this 2 months later.

  6. Cool, can we get a list of what you don't want us to talk about? We totally care

  7. AD would inexplicably turn back into looking like a hybrid of Dirk Nowitzki + KG in the bubble

  8. Damn this is hard to defend. And I'm white lol

  9. Oh, come on. Poor Mario charmers. Must be so hard to be a “punching bag” while someone carries you to multiple championships and makes your career. Also, he and Cole were exactly what you are describing at the end there. All of it. Not sure why you attribute that to how Lebron viewed them. That’s just what they were.

  10. if y'all weren't larping even before this thread y'all were doing something wrong!!! nigga!!!

  11. This looks more like Deni Avdija not knowing how to pass and Porzingis not knowing to to dribble

  12. Yeah ngl all I got from this is that those Wizards players fucking suck

  13. And that means we need to regurgitate the same hypotheticals that will never happen? Year after year, there's always a new reason why "this time it might be different'"

  14. lmaooo that stare down was disrespectful. Didn't know Donovan had that much hatred in him

  15. Anthony Davis and Boogie Cousins was a legit problem until Boogie went down.

  16. That team was absolutely clicking after Rondo came back and they were beating legitimately good teams before Boogie got injured. Such a shame

  17. 100% and he only added more fuel to the fire. Either flat out say "they're not true and please give Wiggins some space" or just don't make this dumb ass video. His point is "y'all may be right but still y'all shouldn't be speculating" way to help Dray!

  18. idk why everyone here is acting like he answered this well. He didn't even fucking deny the rumors.

  19. Wow he didn't even deny them, what the fuck?

  20. At least in MN I could never ever see Wiggins speaking on rumors like that

  21. That kinda makes him a dick, not addressing the rumors while his girl is getting called a cheater and a whore online

  22. Are you making a joke or do you think Jokic is actually a bad defender?

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